Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vlogtober killed my blog.

Since I'm doing Vlogtober, it feels a bit repetitive to do my blog as well.

Well something I don't think I've mentioned is that Isaac received the notarized letter of intent I sent him and so someone is going to drop by and pick it up from him soon. After it's picked up, he'll soon get the visa. :) That means we will then make the official wedding date. We are thinking May now. April at the earliest. I know the wedding date is one of the first things people plan when engaged but we really couldn't because we didn't have a clue how long this process would take. We didn't want to make a date and then have to change it a bunch!

I've felt so busy this month. Even on my days off I feel as though I have a bunch to do and like I have no right relaxing. When I do sit around for a moment, I feel as though I NEED to be getting something done but I'm not always sure what that something is.

I'm pretty much done with my halloween costume. I need to make a belt and Bowie Chick will be done. Whenever I have a chance next, I need to make a tutu for Celsie's daughter. I already got the stuff to make it with but I just need to go to my parents and do it.

Work has been hectic. A fabric and craft store around halloween and in preperation for Christmas is just pure chaos. I hardly have time to breathe when I'm there. A while back, a really rude customer came in. She has been in quite a few times before. I deal with rude bitches a lot but some reason, I couldn't quite take this one. She made me cry right in front of other customers and I was stuck at the register all teary eyed until someone could finally cover me. My manager is really sweet and gave me a chance to get over it before getting back to work and kept complimenting how well I took care of her. Even though I broke down like a baby, I guess the fact that I didn't treat her the way she was treating me is good. I could have easily just told her to shut up and let me fix my mistake. Lesson for her: Don't go shopping in a store that you KNOW is always busy when you are in a huge hurry to something and are incredibly impatient and have a shitty life. One funny thing is that she DID special order something from us so I could easily track down her name and address. :) Be careful how you treat the people that are serving you ANYTHING, not just food. :)

I also got a new phone this month which is nice. My old one was from the beginning of 2007 and it was starting to do weird stuff. I figured it was time for an upgrade. Since I text more than anything, it's nice having a full keyboard.

Better go get ready for bed. I work way too early in the morning and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Bleh!