Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you ever stop to notice the crying earth, the weeping shores?

So for those of you who aren't friends with me on MySpace or don't watch IseAndMel OR follow me on twitter may not know that I was hacked 2 days ago.
First thing in the morning I tried to sign into my email but it said my password was wrong. I didn't think much of it, even after retrying the password a bunch. I thought maybe hotmail was just having issues.
But then I went to YouTube and saw that I was strangely signed out. If you are on YouTube, you might know that it doesn't sign you out unless you sign yourself out. I am hardly EVER signed out. And when I tried logging on? Said I had the wrong password.
So from this I realized it was only my BowieChick youtube and not my other two so I knew it wasn't something wrong with the computer. I was, at the time, able to get onto my personal myspace but NOT my BowieChick MySpace. I also couldn't get into my OTHER email. This really freaked me out at first. Customer service seemed to suck everywhere and I was really flipping out.
But I had to go to work as I just had to wonder what was going on. When I got home, I was able to get ONE of my emails back. It was the one connected to my BowieChick MySpace page and my Facebook (which was also "hacked") so I was able to get back into those. Then eventually yesterday morning I got the OTHER email back and all the VARIOUS websites that they decided to get into with that email.
Well when I got back into my personal myspace I saw I had a message from "BowieChick". My other myspace account. If I didn't have to work I would have seen this message earlier! This is what it said:
" You wont know me, but your email address password was posted on a message board for everybody to see, I got onto your account and changed the password to "nohack", so that nobody could hack you.
I'm sorry I had to hack in myself and I thought that logging into this was the only way to let you know.
Your password for this is the same but you may want to change the email one and this one.

Then find out who it was who managed to get the details in the first place. "
Yeah so that's what happened.
WHY would someone want MY info in the first place? Also, WHY would someone post it online? AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY IMMATURE ASSHOLES IN THIS WORLD?
They are fail. They DEFINE fail. Hackers, you suck. Grow up. Grow a brain and a heart while you're at it.

I got all my stuff back because these losers can't win.
Oh and BTW. To whoever has done this: I am getting the notices that you are trying to reset my passwords again. Move on or I WILL find out who you are.

Anyways. On from that subject.
I LOVE pinapple and bananas but both make the roof of my mouth hurt. Oy.

I can't believe it's going to be about a year until I get to see Isaac again. This is torture. But a year apart is nothing when I think about all the years we will get to be together. :)
Which reminds me. So many people have already joined Long Distance Love! Some people may wonder why I even bothered making it when there are many relationship groups online. Well, because there's more to a LDR than just a "normal" relationship. It doesn't matter if the distance is a few hours or a few thousand miles, there's just some stuff that is different that some people don't understand. So many people treat LDRs like they are nothing or unimportant or not real when in fact they ARE and it's nice to be around others who understand that.
Best wishes to Ashley and Mikey who are meeting for the first time in about a week! Have fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whine whine complain.

My my I haven't updated much lately. I feel like I am just going along in life and I don't really have any creative moments anymore. I think it's stress and tiredness and weirdness and everything mixed, ahhh!
I am trying so hard to look for another job. The job I have now is just getting to be too much to handle. The job itself is simple and doesn't involve much of your brain (which would explain some of the people that work there, no offense). It's just that I have never been a morning person OR a late late at night worker. It used to be that if I was expected into work at 7 in the morning I would have a hard time but this really messes with your time! I had to be at work before 3 AM on both Thursday and Friday and then we took a trip that took about 1.5 hours and then worked for 8.5 hours and then came back. The whole time there and back having to listen to annoying repetitive loud rap crap. I brought my iPod but no matter how loud I had it I could hear the thumping beat of the rap the whole time.
I think my problem is I like a consistent schedule. I'm fine with working at different times but as long as it doesn't mess too much with my normal sleeping time. This just makes me feel so strange and I just feel completely out of it.
It's just so hard to find a job right now. Many places are laying people off, not hiring. And the ones that ARE hiring are either jobs I CAN'T get (no experience) or jobs that would be just as bad.
I mean, it's money and that's good but I really wish I didn't dislike it so much.
And with all the people I work with I feel completely out of place. I can't relate to anyone. When I hear them talk I just know I have completely different views on everything and even their personalities just don't go with mine. It's fine when we have a local job but when we do those little trips and I have to be around them it really gets to me. I feel like I'm in school again only this time I don't have any friends. I sit alone at lunch like a loser, yay! If I really wanted to, I could TRY becoming friendly with some but honestly I don't see a point. Especially since I would have to be fake to get along. I never seem to make friends at any place I work. There must be something wrong with me.
Sorry I'm complaining but this IS my blog and I need to get things out.
I will continue working there until I find a different job. I just don't have a clue when that will be.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strange feelings...

For about an hour or an hour and a halfish I have had this strange feeling that something isn't right or that something is going to happen.
I feel really anxious about this and can't concentrate on anything else and nothing is able to distract me from this feeling.
I don't like this. I really don't like this.
I hope it passes and that it isn't some sort of 6th sense kind of thing. Please.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My new ning for LDR couples

Check it out if you're in a long distance relationship! WEEE!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry, I have no excuse.

I just like doing surveys when I am bored even though they are COMPLETELY useless.

Name: Melody
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Leonardo DiCaprio
Hair color: Well it's naturally some weird brown color, like poo, but I dye it auburn. I don't take care of the color well and it fades so I don't even know what it is now.
Natural color: Oh, I just answered that dumb ass! Pay attention!
Eye Color: I say gray but sometimes it's blue looking and sometimes it's green looking.
Skin Type: Human
Dimples: I have a dimple in my left cheek.
Tattoos: None

Do you think you are…
Good looking? I am human looking I think.
Smart? Smarter than my dog!
Funny? Isaac seems to think so!
Loving? I can be very loving.
Giving? I try...
Cheerful? Oh boy. Only when I'm not being pessimistic!
Spoiled? Some people think so but I hope to make up for that. I try to earn what I get.
Sweet? Haha depends on who it's to.
Respectful? Generally, I try to be.
A good daughter/son? Probably a shit one! Bloody hell. Nah, I don't think I'm THAT bad.
A good sister/brother? I am not particularly close to any of my siblings. I'm too much of a baby and I never really grew up hangin' with them.
A good Girlfriend/Boyfriend? I really hope I am a good fiancee and will be a good wife.
A true friend? Well not to the whole world!

This or That…
Love or Money? LOVE
Relationship or Single? In my situation, relationship.
Freezies or Hot Chocolate? If by freezies you mean Slurpees than YES THOSE!
Beach or Pool? Pool for swimmin' beach for hangin'. I guess. I don't really like swimming in public places.
Hawaii or Italy? I have never experienced either so I wouldn't be one to judge.
Children no children? Well for myself, no children NOW... children LATER.
Married or no getting married? WE GETSIN MARRIED.
Christmas or New Years? Christmas. New Years is normally spent sleeping.
Cell phone or computer? Computer fo sho!
Music or T.V? Music
Snow or Rain? I kind of like rain actually...
Summer or Winter? Summer
Valentines Day or Birthday? Birthday

Who makes you…
Laugh? Lots of people!
Smile? More than anyone, I would say Isaac.
Cry? I do.
Feel Special? Isaac :)
Feel Loved? Isaac, again. :D

Your past…
Most romantic moment? The day Isaac proposed to me was pretty romantic.
The happiest moment? Might just be the same day!
The saddest moment? I don't know.
The Hardest moment? No comment.

Your Future…
What do you want to be? An adult. And happy. But I don't really know WHAT I want to be.
Where do you want to live? Anywhere that's nice.
Do you want to get married? Yes. And I am.
Do you want to have kids? Some day it would be nice to start a family.
What would you like their names to be? None of your business! You will just have to find out.
What type of wedding do you want? Very simple outdoor wedding.
Where do you want it? Somewhere here in Oregon.
Your own vows or no? I don't know yet!

Who was your last love? My CURRENT and always and only love is Isaac.
Was your love true? It IS (present tense here!) true.
Do you still love them? YESSS!
Do you miss them? Well he's all the way in the UK so yes!
Would you ever consider being with them again in the future? I am going to be with him in the future!
What does your heart desire? Chocolate! Just kidding kind of. Isaac of course.
Who do you really want to be with? ISAAAAAAAAAAC
Are you single or taken? Takkkkkkeeenennnnnenen
Do you have someone in mind? All the time.
Are you in love? YEEEEESSSS This is getting repetitive.


What was your last dream about? I can't even remember.
Who was in it? ...
Your two best friends? Isaac and Lindsay
Do you love to shop? Only when I have the extra money to do so.
Whats your favorite store? Ross because it's cheap.
Your favorite song? I don't know.
Your favorite funny movie? I suck with favorite song/movie questions!
Romantic movie? ...
Scary movie? ...
Restaurant? Dunnooo.
Fast food? Panda Express? Is that on the list of fast food? It IS express!
Water or nice coffee.
Fruit? Pineapple
Food type? I don't have one
Chips? BBQ potato chips are awesome but so are many Doritos and Sunchips!
Ice cream? I like it. ALLLL OF IT!
Candy/Chocolate? I don't have a favorite because, as with ice cream, I like it all.
Favorite Band? Beatles.
Favorite cd? Don't have one.
Favorite singer? David Bowie.
3 favorite songs? Shut up
What annoys you? Favorite song/movie questions because I can't answer them!
What makes you happy? So many things but it can really be narrowed down to Isaac.
Have you grown as a person in the past year? Oh yeah.
Do you think it shows? I have no idea.
What do you want for Christmas? I want happiness.
Who do you want for Christmas? Isaac.
Do you want to be kissed under the mistletoe? If Isaac was here then yes! But if he isn't.. NO thanks.
By who? I answered.
Do you want to hook up with someone by the end of the year? Eww!
Who? Eww!
Where are you going to spend New Years? That's almost a year away! How do I know?
Who do you want to spend it with? Love.
Who do you wanna get kissed by at midnight? If by Isaac yes.
Who are you thinking of right now? I think it shows.
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Every survey ends up being about Isaac because he's so jokes. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steel on the skyline

I'm in the mood to listen to Bowie's "Heathen" album. The sound of that album kind of reflects my mood today...

I have a website about Isaac and myself that I will be now using to update where we are with our marriage progress. If you want to check it out, go here.

I had someone complaining that all I talk about now is either money or Isaac. Get over it, I talk about some things that are going on in my life and this is where my life is right now. I currently don't have that carefree feeling. Bye!
Don't mistake this for being unhappy. I'm happy, just a little stressed. The internet helps me stay sane because on here there are people that can relate to our situation but it seems as though everyone around me in real life never had to deal with anything like this. Long distance relationships, fiance visas, anything like that. Isaac and I will get through this, I can feel it.

And honestly, there isn't much else going on right now. I hardly see Lindsay, Jennifer and Johnathan moved to Idaho, almost never see Celsie, and as for other friends? Not many others. Amanda's in New Mexico, Megan and I never contact each other (sad). And plus I hardly ever go places anymore because everything costs money. Money that I can't spend. So I feel very restricted right now. Home, internet, Isaac, work. My life as of now.

I have nothing to talk about. Bye!