Monday, June 30, 2008

Picturefied update.

It has been a while. I have mostly been working during the day and talking to Isaac at nights. It has been to the point where all I can dream and think about is customers waiting in line and cutting fabric. Drove me nuts!

This is me working really hard. Yes, trust me.

See that paper cut? Why is it that paper cuts hurt so badly? That thing was horrible. I like my camera. It's wonderful with closeups...

So, people are supposed to take numbers instead of just standing in line. I hate those things. I don't like having to call out numbers and waiting for people to respond. I also hate how some people start gravitating towards you as soon as it LOOKS like you might be available even if you aren't and haven't called their number yet. I'm sure I'd do the same but it still gets on my nerves. Oh well, smile Melody.

But luckily a three day weekend was in store for me and today is my last day of it. Saturday was nice though it was extremely hot. BUT Lindsay came over and we tie dyed shirts! I got dye all over my hands and some on my arms... that stuff is a bugger to get off. I didn't get any picture of us actually dying the shirts but I did take these:

Those are my two favorites. The top one is Lindsay's and the bottom is mine. They were the first ones made which is why the colors are so bold. After that, we had to water down the dyes but this led to less powerful colors. I felt a little bad that Lindsay didn't get to make a rainbow shirt since the colors were so lame at that point... here are all four shirts... hers on top mine on bottom:

Yesterday was Celsie's baby shower. It was out in the middle of nowhere and I got lost about a bazillion times. Middle of nowhere:

Today I am going to finish Looking for Alaska (the book, ya know). I haven't had a chance to read it until I started yesterday though it is due back today. I cried. Not because it's due... but the story... ANYWAYS.
I am also going to the bank, yay, and then shopping. Well maybe not buying anything just going around a bit. I want to find this one pair of shoes I liked in one store but they had every size but mine. There are two of that store here so I am going to the other one. Then, if time allows it since I'm being so slow, I think I may paint or sew or something. We'll see. Oh and "new video up:

I am so proud of the hard work that went into it. Since you can't hear my sarcasm I will just tell you: that was sarcasm.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hair dilemma

About a week ago I decided to re-dye my hair. I have been dying my hair this auburn color for a while. Anyways. I got this new "Perfect 10" shit in the same color as I got in normal dyes. Well. I am at it one night, doing my hair and then I realized that the area I started (on top) has already had dye in it for 10 minutes (the time that it says to leave it in) and that I was hardly finished with the rest of my hair. Let me tell you, that little brush-like bottle top isn't any fast or easier than the ones with the regular tops. And is saving 10 -20 minutes of waiting time really worth twice as much? Anyways, I get to the end and now it's 15 minutes in. Shit.
So after a short amount of time I wash it out. half of my hair is pretty much brown and half is RED. Like gingerkid red. Yes. This:

Now I had one more day off before having to work morning. So after a long night of trying to sleep, I wake up early to ask my mom to go to the store and buy me some brown hair color. I know you are supposed to wait quite some time before re-dying but there was NO way I was going out like this and going to a hair salon? No.
So yeah, she helped me re-do my hair and now it's like brown but with red still in it. Weirdness but so much better...

The end.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby baby black and blue

I don't have anything to say.
I work again today (40 hours this week).
At least I start at 1:30 not 8:30 AM like yesterday. I hate rushing in the morning. I miss Tyra Show too.
I did something very unlike me on Monday. I bought 2 magazines, Nylon and Allure. First of all, I never buy magazines. Second, if I do it's some music thing or even about celebrities but never about "fashion" (it's hard to believe what's in there could be fashion) and beauty. 2 things I fail at. Phail?
I'm going to go eat breakfast and watch the tyra show. Goodbye.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok so I am rushing to work and open my car to see THAT. I had no idea what to think at first. NO idea. In my state of shock/confusion (never seen anything like that) I thought "Did I leave my car unlocked and instead of stealing from it they decided to just tear that to pieces?" But then I realized an animal of some sort must have done it. So I rush in the house and ask my dad to come out. Well, being him, he walks very slowly and tries to watch tv at the same time as I say "please hurry, I have to get to work. I'm going to be late." yeah so we both guess it was a rat or squirrel or something. ARG!!! What you can't tell from this picture is that you can see the ground through that hole. ARGGGGGGGH!!!!!
Yeah, not happy.
But when I got to work I found out they didn't need me to work today. Too many people or something. I would have been late anyways. They were supposed to call me to tell me but no one did.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy June

It's June now. Today is graduation day for the schools in my area. It's hard to believe it has been 2 years since graduating. It almost doesn't seem that long ago yet at the same time it seems longer. Weird. I'm so glad to be out of high school though. When I go to the mall or something and see how all the high school kids are NOW it's weird and creeps me out/makes me laugh. They all seem to have either embraced this "scene" phase or are just plain slutty. They also talk in this really annoying way that I don't remember too many people talking like when I was in school. It has only been 2 years so it's not like this is some crazy generation of kids.
Ok this leads me into this other thing. I am kind of scared of the future and how the future kids will be. I keep hearing about elementary school kids having sex and stuff like that... WTF? Of course I only hear people say that happens online but just the idea... It's just CRAZY! I mean, in elementary school all anyone I ever knew thought about was holding hands and possibly *gasp* kissing. And another thing is that I never heard anyone cuss when I was young. It was as though "butt" and "crap" were bad enough. Well now you pass a group of very young kids and they are using "ass" "fuck" "shit" etc. as part of their sentences. Is this just here??

Lindsay was over here last night and we watched Ghost World. It's weird how the cover for that would always pop out at me when I would go to rent movies yet I never bothered to even look at what it was about. But now that Lindsay works at a movie rental place she gets to watch these movies foo'!
So yeah, Ghost World. I thought it was pretty good. Especially since I'm drawn to movies with weird people. It wasn't so much the MAIN characters that were awesome to me but the ones with the smaller roles and even the movie extras just walking around in the background were awesomely weird.

That is all bye.