Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Suggested site of the moment: Awkward Family Photos!!!
Isaac and I had a blast looking at these and I just noticed they updated quite a bit since I last looked. Seriously, look at them all! They are amazing. You need to read the captions because they make the photos so much better. Seriously. GO!

Isaac got his old job back! Well, kind of. Same place, different hours. We're very happy about this because it has been so difficult to get a job over there for anyone. He never gave up trying which I am so proud of because it was getting to the point that it seemed impossible. Luckily, people he worked with told him about the opening and next thing we knew he had the job. Yay!

Friday, May 15, 2009

17 year old Melody is NOT ME

I know that I see videos or blogs of people that say the same things as I am about to say but I feel the need to say this anyway.


You guys have the "privilege" to watch me grow from late teens to early adulthood and that means you are also watching me go through mental growth and changes.
Most people realize this but every once in a while I get a complaint that I have changed (both the way I act and look) and they don't like it. Get over it! This is me NOW. Three years ago I was a pretty pathetic creature, in my opinion. I was still a child and I didn't know how to form opinions of my own or be my own person. I was still crushing on every guy that crossed my path! I remember even constantly worrying about how every single person in my school would view me.
I am almost 21 now and if you don't see how my views on things and my personality can change since the age of 17 you need a smack in the back of the head.

I am different than I was in high school and I will continue morphing as I grow. It's part of life and you are watching it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If you don't follow me on everything you might not already know that I am not-so-secretly in love with America's Next Top Model. When they first started it I avoided watching it because I judged it too quickly. One day about 3.5 years ago or so I watched reruns on TV and from then on I was hooked.
Most seasons I end up liking the weird girls that you know won't make it far. I like the interesting ones with fun personalities! But unfortunately, the girls I root for hardly ever make it near the end. In fact, I normally cringe when they announce the winners. McKey? Whitney? Saleisha? Bored.
If you watch the show you may be able to guess who I was rooting for based on what I've described. Allison and Celia were two that I liked. I had a feeling Celia wasn't going to win but I REALLY didn't think Allison would make it to the final two! What?? Creepy Chan? Final two? REALLY? She surprised me. She may be a little awkward but I loved her photographs and her walk really improved by the end.
By the time they were down to 5, I had a feeling Teyona was going to win. She's pretty, sure, but I didn't find that much interesting about her.
It always feel weird talking about the show like this because I don't normally follow TV series and I don't normally judge people this much but that's kind of the point of the show, right?
I don't even know if there was a point I wanted to make in this blog or if I just wanted to blabber on about ANTM. Meh.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Guns don't kill people..."

I will make a blog about my mom some other time and her operation but right now I want to talk a bit about guns. I will keep this short.

I hate guns. I really do. I also hate how people try to defend them so much. Oh, shut up. I've heard it all and I think it's all lame.

Here's something someone wrote that kind of explains what I think.

I also hate hunting. If you live out there and you have to hunt to survive, go for it! But if you live in the city and go to the store to buy your meat but just go hunting for fun? Fuck you, seriously. Excuse my language. Sad, pathetic, I could go on. Have children and you got them a gun so they can shoot animals with you? Oh what a wonderful life! Oh yes, video games are horrible *rolls eyes*.

I don't think hunting or guns make someone manly or tough. Want to win over my heart? Use your brain.

I'm so glad I found a guy that's on my side with this. No wonder I don't like American men.