Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Suggested site of the moment: Awkward Family Photos!!!
Isaac and I had a blast looking at these and I just noticed they updated quite a bit since I last looked. Seriously, look at them all! They are amazing. You need to read the captions because they make the photos so much better. Seriously. GO!

Isaac got his old job back! Well, kind of. Same place, different hours. We're very happy about this because it has been so difficult to get a job over there for anyone. He never gave up trying which I am so proud of because it was getting to the point that it seemed impossible. Luckily, people he worked with told him about the opening and next thing we knew he had the job. Yay!

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Mrs. Panda said...

BAHAHAHA! Thank you for sharing this website! I can't stop laughing! This is my kind of entertainment. And congrats to Isaac on the job! Your future is looking brighter by the day...hope you have a good pair of shades! :)