Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry... Christmas.

It certainly doesn't feel like the holiday season this year to me and I have no idea why. There's snow, it's freezing, we have a tree, the consumerism of Christmas is here as always, and I'm happy. But it's not that jolly olly ness I used to get. I guess I'm growing up. And I don't have Isaac here with me.
But I am excited to try Jaffa Cakes!
Don't feel sorry for me because I don't feel sad about not being in the Christmas mood. I just feel like I do any other day of the year, really. It doesn't even matter.
But just because I love these songs:

I know some people find it kind of depressing but I don't.

Of course :)

Update on Peter: He now stands on my finger on demand and gets to come out of the cage every day. I'm really happy about his fast learning. Now I just need to continue on to build that trust.

I have a job interview thingy on Monday. I really hope I can get enough money in time to visit Isaac.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas cookies!

Here are the pictures I said I'd post... click for larger image.
I have no idea why we are hunching over like that. Lindsay and I were doing weird dance moves, I believe. Like our aprons?

Jen and Lindsay talking about whatever. I was already done decorating mine while they were still going at it!

We had hot chocolate with marshmallows AND whipped cream. We also listened to christmas music. Oh the fun never stops!


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Jen's cookies. She made a 3d frog!! And that little man reminds us of her dad.

Photobucket Photobucket
Mine. I especially like my snowman. :)

Photobucket Photobucket
These two of Lindsay's were particularly funny to me. That first one is supposed to be an angel! And I love the snowman's rosy cheeks and the expression on his face!

So yeah, there's the cookies.

It has also been snowy the last couple of days. I fooled around a bit with Windows Vista panoramic photo thing and got this messed up image:
But hey! It did the best it could do. It's not like my camera has a stable spot to sit to move from picture to picture smoothly.

I did something else the other day too. That time it made my closet doors look awesome!

Oh yeah and Peter stood on my finger tonight! For quite a long time too. It wasn't hard, millet spray bribing really does the trick. Oh and here's a picture of Peter! The lighting isn't great, I wish it would show his true color...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Peter peter pumpkin eater

Peter ate out of my hand for the first time today. I'm pretty excited. It's nice to see a new bird relax a bit and trust you enough to eat out of your hand. :)

Lindsay and Jennifer came over yesterday and we made sugar cookies. It was fun, and messy. I will try to remember to post a couple pictures here some time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peter the budgie!

I got a new budgie today!!! I am so excited.
So he's a violet colored parakeet, kind of like this one:

Only just SLIGHTY darker.
He's clearly a male, not making the same mistake as last time. He's also very young.
So want to hear the name?
Sounds like a very simple name: Peter.
But where did it come from?
It was actually Isaac who came up with it.
So the drummer of Siouxsie & the Banshees goes by the name Budgie. So naturally, we just took his REAL name (Peter Edward Clarke) and that is my new keet's name. Yeah, I have a musical set of birds now!

Peter is currently just sitting in his cage trying to relax. He's very scared in his new environment. Ziggy doesn't even seem to notice him yet.
In case you are wondering, yes they are in separate cages. Ziggy probably wouldn't like it if her home was suddenly invaded by some annoying newcomer. After a while, I will move his cage closer to hers and then eventually hopefully they will live happily together. I know Ziggy would PROBABLY enjoy the company, but who knows? I can't wait until they start talking to each other. Ziggy enjoys "talking" to budgies on YouTube so I bet she would like to talk to another bird whenever she pleases, in stead of waiting for me to play a video.

Yes. That's all. I'm happy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Skype vs. SightSpeed

Isaac and I used to use windows messenger for video and voice chat but were annoyed by horrible video and sound quality. You basically saw a bunch of random jumpy images and heard about every 3 words so you had to try to figure out what they were trying to say.
So then we decided to try something new. We tried a few different programs and Skype was one of them. Skype totally beat the others, at the time.
Relatively clearer image, normally not jumpy, and you could hear every word they said.. about 80% of the time.
Problems I experienced with Skype:
  • Pixelated image and GHOST ISAAC. Sounds weird but sometimes as I would be talking to him, the image would suddenly jump to something he was doing a few minutes before. Often times it would show both the former image on the screen along with the current streaming image. Trippy stuff. And when it got pixely, it was often so extreme it would lead to a distorted and just creepy face. The weird thing is he would just have to wave his hand around a bunch to get it to go away so it was kind of like it was physically there, right in front of him.
  • Pee face. Ok I know I need to come up with a better term for this but I can't help but think of it this way. About 50% of the time, there was this thick yellow strip going right down the middle of his video, where his face was, and a big yellow blob off to the right. I soon grew used to it but let me tell you, you almost start to believe the yellow is part of their natural skin.
  • DROPPED CALLS. Oh my gosh dropped calls. Those things were the most stressful things... ever. And you would know when it was going to drop because the image got extremely pixelated and sound got CRAP so you just wait a few seconds and you would hear that lovely "bloop" sound of a dropped call. So we would call each other back only for it to happen again in a few minutes. This happened way too often. Some days the call would drop countless times until you're ready to scream and some days it wouldn't have a problem.
  • Camera would often random flash. I am not sure why it would do this, it never did with any other program. What it would do is it would turn on and off while we were talking. The light would flash on and off and my computer would freeze up. This happened every about 5-10 minutes, it seemed. Really annoying because sometimes it would take a few minutes to go back to normal but during the time of waiting, I couldn't talk to Isaac, he couldn't see me, and my computer would freeze. Very strange!

This is just an example of weird ghost images Skype would do. This isn't the weirdest I've seen, it just happens to be the only one I've ever screen captured. That face is one I don't believe Isaac can naturally do. He didn't even have his mouth open at that very moment! It some how got him yawning or SOMETHING he did long before and morphed it with his face. His mouth/cheeck/chin just don't look right at all! Crazy stuff.


I finally decided to do more research online. Basically find something BETTER THAN SKYPE.
I came across two major options. ooVoo and SightSpeed. I decided to go with SightSpeed and try it out. There is a free version, for simple one on one, but you could also get their premium for multiperson conferences and other features.
My first impression:
Installed pretty quickly.
Computer didn't slow down apon installation.
Configured camera quickly.
Doesn't drop calls!!!!
Camera doesn't flash!!!!
No weird pixelation problems, ghost Isaacs, or strange colors.
My one problem is echo. Skype had an echo reduction thing but this doesn't.
I also was annoyed by IMs I was getting from random people wanting to know my age and sex but finally one person was nice enough to tell me that it was because I was on the community list and told me how to get off of it. Thank you!

The end.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Guitar Lick #1

Isaac made his first guitar shred video. If you have seen his acoustic stuff, I think you should also watch this. I'm glad he's finally starting to show more of his range. The mask is because of this idea he has about guitar shredders. Oh and because I make fun of his cute guitar playing faces. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We are taking care of this wonderful dog named Pedro...
Here is my niece with Pedro.

By the way, I have a new channel to post random videos that no one cares about but myself. Mostly Ziggy videos (my budgie, not Stardust). If you DO happen to care to check it out, it's here:
I really don't expect any of you to care, so don't complain.


What a beautiful way to decorate the city!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pissed me off.

Isn't it funny when "loyal" subscribers end up being more judgmental and just plain annoying than the "haters"?
This person found it appropriate to leave not one, not two, but three lovely comments.
Comment 1:
"who's isaac? how long have u been together?
how old r u again?"
This is funny because I have seen this person commenting on plenty of my videos so he MUST know who Isaac is. In fact, I found this comment on my "Today - Jefferson Airplane (For Isaac)" video.
"i wish you were single, cuz i think you're cute."
In which, at the time, I responded with, "That is a mean thing to wish. I do not wish I was single because I am in love and it's not like you would have me anyways. It seems like you are wishing I wasn't happy. Stop thinking about what you want and be happy for what others have."
And he said, "that's a very smart answer. Thanks for putting me in my place. Sorry I was being selfish.

Congrats on finding the man of your dreams and I wish u all the best.


So it is apparent that he knows who Isaac is but it looks like some sort of stupid jealousy is pushing him to say these things.

Age and length of time don't even have anything to do with this anyways. Especially when the couple KNOWS how much they are truly in love...

Comment 2:
"your income is not an issue. his may be because they don't want him to become a drain on social resources. All you need to do is prove you can support yourself financialy and won't be a welfare couple"

Well this has proven to be false. I need to be able to support him when he comes. The end.

Comment 3:
"but you REALLY SHOULD NOT get married till you've lived on your own and experienced life AWAY from your parents. Marriage is for responsible adults who don't need to rely on their parents. What the heck is your rush?

P.S. This video was a rambling mess. You are way too young to get married ok? Grow up, get a job, move out, find out who you really are before latching on to a boy you have a crush on."

This person is seriously just talking shit now. He really has no idea what the hell he is saying. So many people have gone straight from living at home to being married with no issues. Just because you know someone that may have had problems with that does not make it the majority. Even if it WAS the majority, Isaac and I AREN'T the majority. Our "rush" is because we know NOW that we love each other and are ready for married life. Besides, don't talk until you yourself is in a fucking long distance relationship. Then try telling me we are rushing to anything. We can't RUSH. It's not an option when immigration things are thrown in. I mean, if I was in a rush I wouldn't even be bothering with figuring out this immigration stuff. We are going to get married until 2010 anyways! Holy hell.
No shit it was a rambling mess, no need to point that out. I'm not way too young to get married, you're just strangely jealous and judgmental. I know who I am and this is not a FUCKING CRUSH. STOP FUCKING JUDGING WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW.

Sorry this just pissed me off to no end. It just bugs me that there are people like this out there. And he couldn't make it more fucking obvious that it is brought on by jealousy.

And to show what a dick he is, and I never quite noticed...
Here's a comment on another old video:
"show us where u work baby "


Haha, just saw his videos. Damn, I shouldn't have blocked him. He seems like a winner!!!!!

Sorry about the ranting, pissed me off.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bird food in your keyboard

"Oh it's the kind of thing I could play with forever." - Isaac just said this referring to his new fancy chromatic guitar tuner.

Some things:

  • Commonly said but I have to ask it as well... whatever happened to separation of church and state?
  • Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening tv!? You miss your old familiar friends waiting just around the bend. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK... *cough*.. um... Yeah.
  • Just because a religious group does good stuff for the community or for people it does not make up for hate and lies.
  • Isaac and I are getting married here in the US. I have to say this because people keep telling me to just go there, marry him, and come back here. I don't want to do that. We want to get married here. I don't care if the other way may *possibly* be easier (hardly), but this way is faster in the end.
  • People should stop complaining about Christmas stuff being here already. I am saying this because SteAndKel (most likely Steven) just twittered saying something about it being too early for Christmas stuff. It's the end of November! This isn't some new thing, Christmas stuff has come early for YEARS.
  • I am freaking out about the lack of open jobs right now. I keep applying for things or sending my resume in and not hearing a peep from anyone. Maybe I'm just not good enough.
  • It bugs me that every kind of cookware or bakeware in stores seems to have nonstick Teflon stuff which is a major NO NO if you have a parakeet. It can kill them! AHHHH! And since that's true, it's a little freaky to think about what it's putting in our bodies, though slowly.
I was w0ndering why one of my keys kept getting jammed the last couple days or where it just wouldn't work but then finally today I hit it, heard a crack, and a piece of bird food came out. I don't like that you can't take individual keys out of a laptop keyboard...


Friday, November 21, 2008

K1 Visa, End of the world, and stuff.

First of all if you know anything about fiance visas and getting married to someone from another country please watch this and maybe help me out:

I am tired of this end of the world stuff. Having end of the world theories is not something new, as we should all know, so we shouldn't buy into any of this hype.
Even if it WAS true, what could we do about it? I say we just DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! It adds to stress and worry. Even hearing my friend theorize about it today made it impossible to leave my brain and it just makes me feel horrible. Keep your theories to yourself, or at least don't take them so seriously. If everyone took it seriously, we would just give up on living our lives happily. I mean, what's the point when the world is going to end? WE MUST PREPARE! Why work towards a long term goal, anyways? That's the way it makes me feel.

I can't find a job! I may have to go crazy with making as many ExpoTV videos this month as I am allowed (what is it? 10 or something?) to get some extra money because besides my money in savings (which I am NOT touching now) I am just about... penniless. I should try again selling my art on Etsy too. Hopefully someone will buy one or something. Last time I tried, someone tried buying one but not someone I will allow to buy from me. I don't have to worry about that anymore because I got help from a person working at Etsy.

I kind of want to see Twilight. Some people said it was crap, some said it was good. All I know if that I like the books (well, the first two I have read anyways) and it would be interesting to see it interpreted into a movie. I will probably wait until it's either in the cheap theater or on DVD and rent it.

Looks like the word filth which makes me think of how I was reminded of my ex today TWICE. Once when I went to a coffee place I only ever went to ONCE with him and again when Isaac was talking about gappy teeth. I find it funny when you are reminded of someone you don't like but were going out with and all you can remember about that person is what a shit they were, even if there could have possibly been OK times (though I honestly can't remember any time I was ever really happy when with him). It was just all wrong... basically.

I have decided that I WILL stay home and live here until Isaac comes and we get married. We may possibly have to stay until he gets the permit to work and gets a job. This means I have to drop my plans of moving out until we are married and all that. It is a bit strange and almost looked down upon by people to live with your parents when you are married but I will have to ignore that judgment and think about what would be best, financially. What am I in such a hurry for to go into debt anyways?

I like to think of as many things as I could talk about in this blog, fun.

The word eighth is weird because it's weird to have ghth next to each other. I just noticed as I was typing and had to point it out...

I want to thank everyone for their nice comments on my latest video and thank you to the people that sent me those long detailed and encouraging messages. It really does help and it's helping me relax about it a bit. I am starting to figure it out...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money money poo poo

First of all I wanted to say... MONEY BEGGARS, LEAVE ME ALONE WHEN I'M IN MY CAR!
I hate how you think that being in your car kind of blocks strangers off from approaching you but most of us have found out that is WRONG.
So yesterday I'm in the car, about to call my friend back. All of a sudden I see a movement by my window and look up. I was kind of parked far out away from other cars so this surprised me.
It was a woman and she obviously wanted to say something so I opened my door a crack (the car wasn't on yet, which is why I didn't just roll down the window).
She automatically started with her sob story...
"My husband and I are from Los Angeles and we are traveling to see family in Washington. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and we have a blah blah truck (can't remember what she said) and it only runs on blah blah miles to the gallon.... could you help us out? Just any change would help..."
By the way, she didn't look at all pregnant.
So I didn't know what to do, feeling trapped, so I dug through my wallet and pulled out two dollar bills. It was the quickest thing I could do to get her to leave me alone.
"Thank you..." and she walked away.
This happens way too much and the thank you never seems at all grateful. Probably because she KNEW her little story would work. This just bothers me.
After she walked off I could see her walking to a group of cars and then she was gone so I'm guessing she got in one of the cars. I drove by where she dissappeared and guess what? Not a single truck OR car with a California license plate. What car did she get in, anyways?
I find it interesting that they waited outside of the Dollar Tree. Why not go outside some store where people with a bunch of money shop? I was shopping in there for a reason! I need those dollars, I'm running EXTREMELY low on money.

Money money... ahhh! I just need it. Isaac and I BOTH need it. Lots of it, if we want to get married.

Oh yeah a longish time ago I got new shoes and said in my blog I'd post pictures because they are different.
Carpet shoes, the guy working there called them.

Aaaaaaaaaand I also thought I'd share these pictures with you guys because I really like going here...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pumpkin pie ice cream

Best brand, in my opinion, for this kind of ice cream? Oregon's own, UMPQUA! Sponsor me now, Umpqua.

What I've learned today:
  • You should listen more than/as much as you speak.
  • Girls interrupt each other while talking more than should be legal. Might be because there's hardly ever time, in a group, to get a word in... but sometimes it can be avoided. Sometimes your word you want in isn't very important when you think about it.
  • This one coffee place I have always passed and never considered is actually great and well priced! Must go more often...
  • They have free wi-fi too... I've never taken advantage of free wifi anywhere but at the library. I should do this some times... because it's cool. I could be one of those awesome people sitting with a coffee and a laptop acting like I'm doing important work. I'll actually just be on YouTube or Facebook or something but no one has to know if I sit in the corner. Knowing me, I would probably end up spilling on the keyboard and looking EVEN COOLER!
  • There is one religion in particular that interests me and everytime I do deep down research and read about their actual stuff from ACTUAL CURRENT/FORMER MEMBERS, I can't stop! I don't mean it interests me as in I want to join them... I mean it interests me that people find ways to create these, well, cults and no one catches on to the obvious truths about them. All that money they are getting for converting people and creating new churches/temples/whatever should be used to feed hungry and SAVE HUMAN LIVES. Yes, actually help someone NOW instead of trying to save their/your life from something that happens after you are dead. Dead meaning something that no one has lived through to tell us about. SOMETHING UNCERTAIN AND UNKNOWN TO EVERYONE ALIVE. Sorry if I don't make sense with the way I am connecting my sentences. I am tired.
So yeah. That's some of the stuff I learned/thought about today.
Oh and new video too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photography and depression

Yesterday I was vacuuming the couches in the house and in the cushion of this one chair, pushed really far in, was a film strip from my photography class I took in high school Sophomore year. It reminded me how much fun it is to just take pictures. I take plenty of pictures... with friends and stuff like that... but not enough of THINGS.
Ever since I found that film strip, I have been thinking about how I should take pictures of where I live. Not for you guys to see, but just for fun. To remind myself how beautiful it can be here.
Photography is fun.
I'm thinking I may even go out tomorrow for a little drive and take pictures of things. Maybe.
Other than that optimistic and random urge to take photographs, I have been pretty down lately. It's hard to be so fucking far from the man you love but I have no choice but to deal with it. Well, I could either deal with it or give up but giving up is not an option. That would just break my (and his, of course) heart...
My self esteem is going up and down a lot lately. Sometimes I feel the same depressed way I did back in high school and that scares me. I wish I could see myself as beautiful at least every once in a while. Whenever I think, "Hey, maybe I'm not that ugly!" I see a photograph or video and that idea just disappears. It's pretty stupid, really. It's not even something that should matter yet I can't help it. No matter how many people tell me otherwise, when I get that one person telling me I'm ugly and fat it just overrides all of it. I don't think that seeing yourself as beautiful can be achieved just by being told you are so but you have to be able to see it yourself. I want to... I don't think I will though.
I also feel... talentless. I have interests but as soon as I see how much I suck at them I just give up. I don't feel like trying sometimes because I feel like it's pointless. I think it's because part of me thinks talent is something you are born with, not something you learn. But another part of me think that's just partly true. I think you are born with talent and when you grow, you expand it and learn more and become better. But I don't think I was born with any talents to begin with so I don't know where to even start. No matter what, I just see what I do as a childish wannabe attempt.
And last but not least... I need a job. But I'm a little scared. Will this place be retail yet AGAIN? Will it suck like Toys R Us or will it actually be OK like JoAnns? The other day I was actually in a decent mood and felt a little hopeful about things and sent an application (w/cover letter) to this one part time receptionist job. Something different, something a little out of my comfort zone. The next day I already felt some fear about that. It's pretty annoying. I feel like other people can go out and get new jobs and maybe just get a little nervous and I end up so nervous I feel like giving up. Why do I always feel so nervous about everything and like I'm the only one who gets this way? It's not something I can just shake off...
I will stop now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or treat?!

I posted a blog a while ago but it was a million pages long so I figured I'd try to do a condensed version! Aren't you lucky?
1. I was this thing yesterday for Jen's haunted house:

and while I was at it I also painted my nieces face for her cat costume:


3. Isaac and I are engaged. He proposed to me on October 21st and that day was simply wonderful thanks to him. We have been keeping quiet about it on YT so it can be discovered by eagle eyes on upcoming IseAndMel videos but I figured that hardly anyone reads this so I can announce it if I want to!
3a. Because of this we are looking into all the immigration forms and fees and it is kind of crazy and confusing. He is moving here btw.
3b. I love Isaac with all my heart and I miss him so much.

4. I can't wait to move out but... I have to wait. I NEED MONEY. Lindsay and I have already talked about plans to move out together when we can. Yay!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Gerald

Just one of our new friends.

That's all.

Incredibly sad

Our last hug was at 5:13, last kiss at about 5:17 and I last saw Isaac around 5:24 this morning as we waved from opposite sides of an airport checkpoint.
That was one hell of a short month. You would think that we would have found time to do every little thing we planned, but we didn't.
We did record some videos but it looks like I will have to edit them on my own. :(
One of the worse things about it is that on Friday night, Isaac got terribly sick. So he was sick all through Saturday and then Sunday was mostly a recovery day. I'm not talking 'I don't feel well' or 'I have a cold' kind of sick, but yucky horrible 'I should bare all the details' kind of sick. It was quite sad seeing him go through that. I did treat him to the kinds of things I would get when I was that sick. Sprite, saltine crackers, chicken and stars, and lots of water.
We have something cool that the public has yet to know (public as in internet people...) but you will find out when I get my ass editing those videos.
But basically what this entry was going to be all about is that I feel alone now and I already miss Isaac...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One of the best days ever.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Magic Trip, wee!

This is our first new video. We like cheese.

I got Paper Towns on the day of it's release (pre-ordered from Amazon) but since Isaac's here, I haven't found much time to read it. I just started really, but I must say it's pretty good so far. I was reading it a little right before going to bed and I ended up having a short little dream about it. That's always weird. Oh and I got the "Sad Margo" cover. I am not sure what cover I would choose if I did have a choice... not that it really even matters.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I challenge YOU to find a memory card...

Isaac is fun to watch playing guitar. You know when people get really into it and their faces do all these things, as though their faces are making the music? Moving mouth and eyebrows.... well he does it. That's pretty cute haha.

Wow, his visit here is just going way too quickly. We are about to go have some Arby's. We have never had it before but curly fries sound good. I also am thinking of going to the goodwill and trying to think of something to wear as a costume as part of a Haunted House/Party Jen is having on Halloween.

We went to the Oregon Caves yesterday and that was cool.

"Kevin said...

Do you ever feel trapped in your own internet identity?"

Interesting question, Kevin. The answer is... sometimes. As much as I don't really think about this "internet identity", it still won't get off my shoulders. I have this nagging feeling at times as though "BowieChick" should make a video. Not that I don't enjoy making videos, but someitmes I feel I SHOULD instead of wanting to. I am not positive what kind of answer you were looking for out of this, so I might be reading it wrong.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats....

Isaac and I are very slowly working on a video for IseAndMel. Face it, we have better things to do.
We went to the lake the other day and this is one photo.
We put on the timer and I was just jumping in the photo when it took it so my hand is still just sticking out but I like it anyways.

"What the ffff...flaming monkey!?" - Isaac just now, while playing Sonic Rush on DS.

I am going to this one shoe place that sells converse for only $30 (versus the crazy 45-50 at some places) because I saw some I really liked the other day. Pictures to follow after I get them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

2 items on Etsy

Just letting you guys know I put up two items on Etsy. Just one painting and a bag I made. Hey, it's just the beginning. I will be adding more stuff gradually over time.

Etsy betsy wetsy metsy

So I said I was planning on opening my etsy on the 29th of September... and I haven't. I don't even have pictures yet or anything and not that much done. I am just not ready. I was kind of thinking of taking pictures for it today or sometime soon, we'll see.
Just letting you all know.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Expect great things

Isaac is here now. We have 0 pictures of us together (ok, lie, but 0 that I want to show a bunch of strangers) and no video. Weird, eh? Well we have been enjoying just being together so screw you all! We will get some soon though, for future-selves sakes.
I am currently on Stickam which is now, I must say, suckam. No one goes on anymore. I'm live with 2 lurkers and the only people that come in just say hi and then leave.
Isaac is playing guitar back there. Weeeee.
We went to some different town place today to look see some chalk art on a road. There was some live country music and it was funny to watch old hillbilly looking people dancing to it. They were one of the highlights.
Again, weeee.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Screw the wedding march!

I was listening to clips of string quartet versions of Bowie songs...
and the only thing that came to mind was, "That would be an awesome way for a bride to walk down the isle!"
I am into simple fun touches like that. Damn that's cool.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey yay yay yay

I like to make lip synching videos in which I have a man's voice. The Bewlay Brothers by David Bowie is my favorite song. Ever. This may change some day but as of the last few years it has not. I don't know why...

I swear some of it looked more in synch on Windows Movie Maker. Meh, whatever.

I'm really liking some of the comments on there. I enjoy the fact that other people like the song too.

Anyways. It has been two days since my last day of work and I still feel like I'm going in tomorrow or something. HAVE I WASHED MY WORK CLOTHES? Meh. But I've spent these two days being extremely and disappointingly L-A-Z-Y! I have all these plans of things to do and then when I wake up in the morning I am like, "Screw it, I want to be lazy! I will in an hour!" and soon enough it's 4:30 PM and I still haven't done much of anything at all. Oops!

SOOOOOOOOOON ISAAC WILL BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is the main thing on my mind really. Trying to avoid just making every blog about that... it's hard!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just bought Guitar Hero On Tour (for Nintendo DS). I am having a blast with it! Wee!! It is kind of a silly purchase and I bought it from the crap place (Toys R Us) so I may have payed more than I could have elsewhere... but pay day is tomorrow so I'll be fine. I tried calling Circuit City and after having a lovely time with phone-robot (for blah de blah press 8 now) I finally got through to the store to talk to someone... but no one answered. I tried again.... same thing. It was kind of a spur of the moment purchase so I didn't look online or anything! Talking too much about it now...
Well actually I just looked online and I guess I payed the normal price. I just like to think Toys R Us rips you off with EVERYTHING.
Isaac is so close to being here... EEEH! You guys have no idea how exciting this is. Maybe you do but shut up. And I only have one work day left, can you believe it? I am going to try to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow (day off) and on the days before Isaac is here, I have a BUNCH to do... so I will be pretty busy up until (and probably some of the time WHILE) he is here.
(I like to use parenthases.)
I am addicted to chapstick, I've come to realize.
Not eating it, sillies.
I am so mentally prepared to just... move out. It's financial preperation that I need.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Low battery *beep beep beep*

I made little clay donuts... and then made a bracelet out of them.

Oh and check out this spider that was on the wall. I just felt like taking a picture of it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ahh whats goin' on?

I'm a bit confused about my debit card now. I looked at my balance online and it shows where my last paycheck was put in and then shows a drink I got at Dairy Queen the other day but nothing in between. The thing is, I know I used my card a few times in between those times. Even a couple times on the DAY I got my paycheck... but none of that is showing up. Why, man? It has been a week now...
I'm just confused because I don't know, exactly, what I have. I have no way of knowing now...

I watched that 102 Minutes that Changed America thing last night. Well I stayed up until about 3 AM watching it because I missed it when it first came on. I have no words... it's just horrifying.

So it's about 10 days now until my last day of work.... there you go.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So I was reminded of this video Celsie and I made when I heard that song at the beginning. It is totally awesome and well scripted with wonderful acting. But then I realized I put it on private since people didn't understand. But then I thought, "Why do I care?" so it is no longer private. Here it is.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're gonna sail to the hinterland.

So I have been viciously cleaning the house today. Fun stuff, I know. Well it is nice, though, to do something other than going to work.
Anyways I took a break to go online and I have a couple things to say:
1. I got this full length mirror at work because it was pretty damn cheap on sale. Don't even know where to put it but whatever. So I finally decide to take the cardboard that is around it off. I just ripped it all off in a bit of a hurry (don't know why) and right then I saw something fly out from it. I looked to see what it was and it was a razor blade! AHHH! That could have been pretty bad if it was stuck in the cardboard and I grabbed it or something. Just the idea of what COULD have happened freaked me out.
2. I saw a little bit of this show on E! about murders and such. All I saw was a bit about these two kids that randomly decided to just shoot a bunch of middle schoolers. I think the killers were 11 and 13 or something. They are now adults have have been released from jail with a clean record, wtf? And they apparently don't show any remorse or anything. WTF??? There was no reason given or ANYTHING. Well anyways. This just made me cry. The fact that there are so many people out there that would do something like this and not give a shit. Peoples lives are worth so much and then all these fuckfacetardassbitchbastardsnessers have to come along and just end someone elses life and ruin all the lives of those that loved the person.
And even those people out there that don't kill but are judging and hating or just scaring are about as bad as these murders. Arg. Done.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It is time.

Hello there world. I got out my camera today and brought it with me on a little ride while I did ran around doing stuff but then I realized I have nothing I wish I tell the world in video form right now. And I have no interesting video ideas. It's like my mind will only allow me to be either creative with arts and crafts OR videos, but never both at the same time. Ever.
So that was FAIL.
When Isaac is here, videos shall come. We have ideas.

So what has Melody been up to? Well yesterday after work I cleaned the house a little (though one room is already TRASHED again... my craft room/Isaac's bedroom). I can't help it if I want to create without picking up my mess! And I also made this YouTube shirt. Well, almost. I just have to finish that off. I also worked on some PJ pants for Isaac. Almost done! And some other random crap here and there. Today I didn't do as much productive stuff. Just mostly enjoying my day off. I did run around getting some things I needed/wanted and babysat my nephew and blah blah blah but yeah. I just feel so much better knowing that I have some days off without any set plans. EEEH! I really needed this.

Today I cut my finger pretty deep. It happened with some thing in my car, details don't matter. But luckily it must be a small enough cut (though, as I said, deep) and in just the right spot because it didn't bleed at all but it hurt like hell, and I could see how deep it was.
And then about 30 minutes ago I was outside and I was going to water some plants. Well I filled up the watering bucket and then when I go to pick it up, I feel a pain on my finger. I let go and see a spider fall from where I was holding it and then soon after saw ANOTHER on the handle jump off. Shit, I hate spiders. I don't know what kind of spider it was but I should be fine. It just scared me and I still have the heebie jeebies.

I am blabbing on and on, stop me now.

I have lots of chores and things I want to get done tomorrow and I want to watch a movie now (still don't know which one came in the mail, so it will be a surprise) so I better stop rambling. Now.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What is their name?

What pet name do you like to call them?
Isaac. I don't use pet names or anything although I will sometimes say random things like Isapoo. Not calling him poo or anything, it just happens.

How long have you been together?
Only a year and about 3 months

How did you meet?
He stumbled across my YouTube and started emailing me. But he wasn't emailing me praising how "awesome" I am, more like just being a friend and talking. It took me a while to finally reply though.

What do you like the most about them?
I don't even know how to put it into words or figure out what EXACTLY I like the most. Wtf? Everything. I don't feel like putting the effort into this survey to be honest, that's a hard one.

What do you like the least about them?
That he doesn't always see how great he is. And how deserving of a good life he is.

What is the best thing they have ever done for you?
There's just too much.

Have they met your parents yet?

What would your kids look like if you had kids?
I don't even know. Like kids, I suppose.

What is the worst argument you have had?
All our arguments are normally resolved within the same day so I wouldn't say any of them were too horrible (though it would be nice to go without). But none have extended beyond a certain point so I don't have any that stick out in my mind.

Do you still kiss a lot?
When we are together. And when we aren't together, actually.

Who asked who out?
Since it started online, we didn't really ask either one out. We just kind of fell upon the relationship I guess after being friends. One morphed into the other.

Do you think you will get married?

Can you see yourself growing old with them?

What is the one thing you would like to change about them?
I would change his perspective on himself just a little so he would view himself better. That's it.

What do you think they would like to change about you?
I'm sure the same thing, haha.

What is the first gift they ever bought you?
I'm trying to remember what it was and I'm sure if I looked through my room at the stuff I could figure it out but I can't remember.

Do you have a favorite song together?
I don't think we do. There are different songs I think.

Which famous person do you think they look like the most?
I don't think of any famous people when I look at him though from some angles (sorry Isaac) he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom. Not kidding. Sooorry I know you don't like that Isaac. BUT LOOK!

Lindsay was the one to notice.

Would you say the two of you are a good match?
Of course. I couldn't think of a better one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wonder pets, wonder pets.

Hokay. So.

I haven't made any videos because:
1. Busy.
2. When I'm not busy, I am busy.
3. Not vidspired.
4. I don't know.

I have a huge list of things I want to/need to do, as per usual, and don't seem to have time to do them. Hooray, that's just grand.

I had stuff to say but my mind is somewhere else all of a sudden.
Getting a little closer to the day Isaac gets here.
A little.
I am planning on starting my etsy shop on September 29th. No promises though. I don't know what I'll have done by then. So many plans yet hardly any of it is done. One step at a time, Melody...
It's going to be pretty random though because I keep getting ideas in all different areas of craftiness. I am having problems thinking of guyish things though so it may be pretty girly at first. Who knows.

Books I've read recently and haven't mentioned:
The Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti. Picked it up at the Goodwill for a buck or something. It was a pretty fast read (well, I mostly just read on my breaks at work so as fast as you can get through a book that way...) but incredibly predictable. Nothing surprising. Just a book.
A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I don't care if he was trying to pass it up as a true story but that it is in fact almost completely fabricated. It was really good. I got this one at a different second-hand place for a dollar also. I really liked it.
And now I finally gave in and am reading Twilight. I am only half-way through (because, as I said, I only read on my breaks at work) but it really is as good as everyone makes it out to be. I keep thinking about it, ahhh.......

Yeah there you go.

Here's something I've painted.

I know it looks a bit like poo but I did it within a few hours. I'm still not completely used to oils. And I suck at people. Noses just kill me, which is why mine doesn't look like my nose. I had to redo it like 200000 times.

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is my blog today.

I like to ride my bike through the path by the stream that smells like blackberries.

I have a lot I want to do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Dancing" Kittens

I HAD to post this. It is one of the most adorable kitten videos I have ever seen. One of.

Monday, August 18, 2008

2 photos I just took.

I also made a header for my etsy page so go here and check it out.

Birds are crazy.

Why do birds do this?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yummy blood

The BEST part about shaving.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hair, finally

So I finally got my hair cut. Nothing too fancy or crazy or different, just cut. I like it actually. It's always weird to run your fingers through your hair after it has been cut...

My mom got me this one sewing table/desk thing. It has this fold out side so it can be small or longer depending on what I need. I actually bought it at work and used a coupon so it was like 84 dollars instead of 140. She is going to give me money back for that.

I woke up late today ahhh!
Ok so what I need/want to do today, my last day off for a while:
Clean bedroom
Clean out inside of car
Finish projects I've started
Clean bathroom, woopie
Wash outside of car
And some other little things here and there.
I better get started. I don't have much time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture blog.

^First time having canned cheese.

^Not us but we wished it was.

^After camping we went on a trolley tour. It was cool.

^So this girl Brandy commented my blog and I noticed she had a link so I went to it and it was her etsy so I bought stuff because it was cool.

^These came free with it and at first I thought she sent them on accident because I didn't see the thing that said that if you buy $10 or more in July than you get a pair of these awesome things (or others) for free. It was a cool surprise though!