Friday, November 21, 2008

K1 Visa, End of the world, and stuff.

First of all if you know anything about fiance visas and getting married to someone from another country please watch this and maybe help me out:

I am tired of this end of the world stuff. Having end of the world theories is not something new, as we should all know, so we shouldn't buy into any of this hype.
Even if it WAS true, what could we do about it? I say we just DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! It adds to stress and worry. Even hearing my friend theorize about it today made it impossible to leave my brain and it just makes me feel horrible. Keep your theories to yourself, or at least don't take them so seriously. If everyone took it seriously, we would just give up on living our lives happily. I mean, what's the point when the world is going to end? WE MUST PREPARE! Why work towards a long term goal, anyways? That's the way it makes me feel.

I can't find a job! I may have to go crazy with making as many ExpoTV videos this month as I am allowed (what is it? 10 or something?) to get some extra money because besides my money in savings (which I am NOT touching now) I am just about... penniless. I should try again selling my art on Etsy too. Hopefully someone will buy one or something. Last time I tried, someone tried buying one but not someone I will allow to buy from me. I don't have to worry about that anymore because I got help from a person working at Etsy.

I kind of want to see Twilight. Some people said it was crap, some said it was good. All I know if that I like the books (well, the first two I have read anyways) and it would be interesting to see it interpreted into a movie. I will probably wait until it's either in the cheap theater or on DVD and rent it.

Looks like the word filth which makes me think of how I was reminded of my ex today TWICE. Once when I went to a coffee place I only ever went to ONCE with him and again when Isaac was talking about gappy teeth. I find it funny when you are reminded of someone you don't like but were going out with and all you can remember about that person is what a shit they were, even if there could have possibly been OK times (though I honestly can't remember any time I was ever really happy when with him). It was just all wrong... basically.

I have decided that I WILL stay home and live here until Isaac comes and we get married. We may possibly have to stay until he gets the permit to work and gets a job. This means I have to drop my plans of moving out until we are married and all that. It is a bit strange and almost looked down upon by people to live with your parents when you are married but I will have to ignore that judgment and think about what would be best, financially. What am I in such a hurry for to go into debt anyways?

I like to think of as many things as I could talk about in this blog, fun.

The word eighth is weird because it's weird to have ghth next to each other. I just noticed as I was typing and had to point it out...

I want to thank everyone for their nice comments on my latest video and thank you to the people that sent me those long detailed and encouraging messages. It really does help and it's helping me relax about it a bit. I am starting to figure it out...


MajorWallaby said...

Hi Melody,

Here's some links that may help you. You have probably already seen the first 2 but I include them just in case. The British expats site looks like the best bet since it has a forum too.'s_Ways:_How_to_Live_and_Work_in_the_USA

Good luck and congratulations!

Furry Ape with little poops hanging off butt (long name, sorry) said...

Ok, I absolutely agree with you about the end of the world theories, because I think they are being pushed to keep us in FEAR, & in distraction, when really we need to focus on controlling our own lives, being good people, & seeking ourselves. Stop being SHEEPLE.

ThatGuyInPLVY said...

HEY, Congrats on your ""TOGETHERNESS""