Sunday, June 14, 2009


We get a lot of spiders in our house and I just went into the kitchen, turned on the light, and there was a HUGE one on the wall. I hate killing those. I just feel sorry for them. They are just minding their own business, most of the time. At the same time, I can't stand them in my house! They scare the shit out of me.
So, I kill them.
Normally if it's during the day I will make a loud noise while doing it to cover that nasty popping sound they make when killed. That sound haunts me. Unfortunately, when it's late at night and people are sleeping, I just have to bear it. I also hate when the tissue is too thin between your hand and the spider and you can FEEL IT!
I always apologize after killing bugs. "Sorry spider!!" And I do feel sorry, I honestly do. Except for ants. Those are just little devils. I hate them. They invade every summer no matter how much poison we try. Seriously, we do everything. They take over the kitchen and we just have to enjoy a little bit of ant seasoning in everything. Don't you hate the smell of squished ants??

Ok, there's a bit of a less emo sounding blog. But I am still in just as bad of a mood, don't get too excited.

I feel like a teenager...

These last three days have been just crap for me.
I just feel so down and emotional. I can't handle stress well right now.
Last night I was tossing and turning with anxiety and I can't pinpoint a reason. Then I started freaking out about nothing. Like I thought I couldn't breathe and then I felt like the sleeve of my shirt was too tight and cutting into my skin (which it wasn't even close!). I feel like I'm going crazy!
It doesn't help that Isaac's computer won't let us talk for more than a hello goodbye. I hope he can get that fixed. Tomorrow I will only be able to say "Hi, bye!" to him because I get off work later. So with yesterday, today, and tomorrow total may equal about 2 hours together or less. We normally talk HOURS a day. Seriously.
And today we didn't even talk. He spent most of the time that we had together getting the pictures off his camera from today. He went to the London International Music Show which had his favorite Steve Vai. Then his computer shut down.
I've just been feeling some strange stress and loneliness that I don't like and don't know what to do about. It's only been for about 3 days but it has felt like ages. I liked being happy.
It just makes me feel a bit like a teenager. Moody, lonely, depressed. Emo. Lawls.
Plus, customers were really rude at work today. It's not our fault you all decide to come at once and cause a big line! We're trying to help you! Just grab a freakin' number!
I'm not able to handle this right now. I just need to talk to Isaac but I haven't had that opportunity at all.

So like a couple weeks ago I went to the doctors and had my blood drawn. My health came back pretty much perfect but the one thing that was off is I guess I'm too much of a man. Yes, you heard me! Too much testosterone. Kind of embarrassing but it's really common so whatever. Women have testosterone my levels are just a little high. I believe it. I am wondering if the medication is messing with me a bit or something. Or maybe I am PMSing. I am part female, after all. I do PMS...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shit sucks

I'm in my don't-feel-like-blogging-much stage right now. It comes and goes. Sometimes I blog every day! Where does that come from? Does my head grow a bit every once in a while to the point that I feel important enough to blog about nothing? Meh.
I've been kind of down the last couple days. Isaac's computer has been having problems. Starting with the printer, which bothers us because that means he can't print out the forms he needs for immigration. Today his computer is randomly shutting off and smells like burning electricity or something. We cut our talk short today so his computer can rest. We don't want it exploding on us! The guy who built it is coming in on Monday so hopefully he can help him out.
There's also other annoying stuff going on I prefer not to talk about so publicly.
Let's hope my mood improves again and I can get on with my life.

BTW, changed the template on here. Like it? I also changed the look of the IseAndMel website. It's just done on paint but I think it looks fun anyway.

Blog suggestion

Blog suggestion:
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