Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mmmmac and cheese.

Well, I'm now updating from our brand new Macbook Pro. I know some peoples thoughts are probably along the lines of, "But wait, I thought you guys didn't have much money, how can you afford a computer by one of the most - if not THE most - expensive computer brands?"

This is not some random spur of the moment way to get rid of money we don't really have. Isaac and I have had way too many issues with the PCs we've had and we've been just a little sick of it. I used Macs in the community college I went to and fell in love with the simplicity of it and how user friendly they are. That combined with the fact that from all our research and experience with Macs, they are more suited to what we want out of a computer. I used Macs in the community college I went to and fell in love with the simplicity of them and how user friendly they are. This is something we have been wanting to invest in for a long time now and we finally got the perfect opportunity. Isaac finally received his check from Mr. Taxman in Britain and with the exchange rate and everything, it was perfect.

I'm sure there are many people that would find it more appropriate to invest the money in something else but everyone has different priorities in life. We are a modern couple - a good computer is important to us. This computer means Isaac can finally record and edit his music (none of the good programs worked well with our other computers) and it also means we have an easier laptop to take to libraries and Staples parking lots to use internet. Our old one is from 2005 and it wasn't doing so well.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to explain how we could afford this. Maybe because in the past I've had many people online judge the way I spend my money. I don't know why I let this bother me, but it does. I let a lot of things bother me that shouldn't.

Well, I'll stop talking about the computer and move on.

I came to the realization earlier this month that I no longer have an interest in painting. It used to be something I loved doing but I guess it was just a phase. It's a shame that phase came with purchases that weren't so cheap like oil paints, acrylics, canvases, an easel, etc. They weren't all at my expense, I'll admit, but I do hate wasting money on something that I don't continue on with. I'm trying to make up for it so I sold all of the paints and stuff on Craigslist recently and I'm TRYING to sell the easel. I used a couple of the canvases that I started paintings on and never finished by covering them with fabrics and I'm now using those as art themselves. This was kind of a big deal to me because I used to think that I would be into painting until I was old and grey. It took a while to admit to even myself that I no longer had interest in it. It's a strange thing how sometimes we will even lie to ourselves sometimes. I don't like that, I've done it too many times in the past.

I'm currently watching Mad Men, just now finishing up the last episode of season one. I never bothered to watch it on TV and never really knew what it was about but I rented the first disc at Blockbuster about a week and a half ago and now I'm a little addicted. One thing that bothers me about the DVDs is that all the special features kind of give away how the season will end. And those are special features on the first discs, not just the last one! We also like to watch commentaries and the people doing those often give away hints of what's going to happen in future episodes. They need to keep their mouths shut! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


We no longer get *ahemstealahem* internet from neighbors so I haven't really been online at all this month. It's so strange going from spending most of my days online, as sad as that is, to only going on about once or twice a week, at most. We have no idea what is going on in the world since we don't even get cable or a newspaper. I bought a newspaper yesterday and I have never been as excited as I was to get one. Normally I would look at a newspaper and wonder why they still existed since we have the internet constantly updating us. It's a shame that subscribing to a newspaper seems to cost more than internet service. Lame.

So anyways, Isaac and I had our first Christmas together. Together meaning both married and actually physically together. It was kind of a strange Christmas, so different than any in the past, but I still enjoyed it.
New Years was uneventful. I spent the night annoyed with all of the inconsiderate neighbors we have. I am seriously fed up with most/all of them.

Our house is still freezing, I don't know if I even mentioned how cold it was before. I've gotten used to being able to see my breath and wearing layers at all times. I can't wait until Spring!

Isaac had his 26th birthday yesterday, so everyone better wish him a happy belated birthday! Or else.

Anyways, I better end this boring update now. I haven't watched a single YouTube video in weeks and I'm having withdrawals.