Monday, January 10, 2011


We no longer get *ahemstealahem* internet from neighbors so I haven't really been online at all this month. It's so strange going from spending most of my days online, as sad as that is, to only going on about once or twice a week, at most. We have no idea what is going on in the world since we don't even get cable or a newspaper. I bought a newspaper yesterday and I have never been as excited as I was to get one. Normally I would look at a newspaper and wonder why they still existed since we have the internet constantly updating us. It's a shame that subscribing to a newspaper seems to cost more than internet service. Lame.

So anyways, Isaac and I had our first Christmas together. Together meaning both married and actually physically together. It was kind of a strange Christmas, so different than any in the past, but I still enjoyed it.
New Years was uneventful. I spent the night annoyed with all of the inconsiderate neighbors we have. I am seriously fed up with most/all of them.

Our house is still freezing, I don't know if I even mentioned how cold it was before. I've gotten used to being able to see my breath and wearing layers at all times. I can't wait until Spring!

Isaac had his 26th birthday yesterday, so everyone better wish him a happy belated birthday! Or else.

Anyways, I better end this boring update now. I haven't watched a single YouTube video in weeks and I'm having withdrawals.

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Miriam said...

Happy birthday to your Isaac! My husband is turning 27 tomorrow, and I'm feeling like I'm being left behind !! (I'm 21).

About your cold apartment, do you know that you can contact your local public health department and ask about heating regulation in apartments where you live. A friend of mine experienced the same thing, and she had the problem resolved after her landlord refused to fix the heating issue...

You shouldn't have to be cold in your apartment!!