Friday, November 14, 2008

Pumpkin pie ice cream

Best brand, in my opinion, for this kind of ice cream? Oregon's own, UMPQUA! Sponsor me now, Umpqua.

What I've learned today:
  • You should listen more than/as much as you speak.
  • Girls interrupt each other while talking more than should be legal. Might be because there's hardly ever time, in a group, to get a word in... but sometimes it can be avoided. Sometimes your word you want in isn't very important when you think about it.
  • This one coffee place I have always passed and never considered is actually great and well priced! Must go more often...
  • They have free wi-fi too... I've never taken advantage of free wifi anywhere but at the library. I should do this some times... because it's cool. I could be one of those awesome people sitting with a coffee and a laptop acting like I'm doing important work. I'll actually just be on YouTube or Facebook or something but no one has to know if I sit in the corner. Knowing me, I would probably end up spilling on the keyboard and looking EVEN COOLER!
  • There is one religion in particular that interests me and everytime I do deep down research and read about their actual stuff from ACTUAL CURRENT/FORMER MEMBERS, I can't stop! I don't mean it interests me as in I want to join them... I mean it interests me that people find ways to create these, well, cults and no one catches on to the obvious truths about them. All that money they are getting for converting people and creating new churches/temples/whatever should be used to feed hungry and SAVE HUMAN LIVES. Yes, actually help someone NOW instead of trying to save their/your life from something that happens after you are dead. Dead meaning something that no one has lived through to tell us about. SOMETHING UNCERTAIN AND UNKNOWN TO EVERYONE ALIVE. Sorry if I don't make sense with the way I am connecting my sentences. I am tired.
So yeah. That's some of the stuff I learned/thought about today.
Oh and new video too.


Anonymous said...

I think that this girl wants to follow in your footsteps. She thinks that it's all glamor.

Anonymous said...

Based upon what you've said, I think I know what religion you're referring to. I know people of that religion and they actually help people (who are alive) a lot. They are generally the first on the scene when there are hurricanes, etc. And they do stuff for regular folks who are just having a hard time.

And you know, all religions are technically cults if you go by the dictionary definition. It doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. If it encourages you to be a better person I'd say it's a good thing.

ohgolly said...

Umm, Melv can still be critical of religion, because good deeds in one particular group do not justify that CULT to be TRUE.

There's a definite difference between the followers, & the higher ups. The higher ups are usually the greedy mofos you have to look out for. While the followers (normally with good intentions), are misinformed sheeple who, believe it or not! are part of the problem as well.

It's a very complex situation on a global scale.

Anonymous said...

Hmm? Baptism isn't anything bad. Not what I would consider a "cult". In my definition, cults are more of a destructive belief - and religions are usually more uplifting. Don't be frightened. It's basically just a blessing. No worries.

Muslim Josehp Smith Jihad on you said...

OMG! PEOPLE! RELIGIONS ARE CULTS. CULTS are defined as groups of peeps meeting with shared beliefs & practices that are not normally shared among all.

doesn't matter if good ol' baptists, rapists, catholics, jehovahs, wiccans, masons, muslims, red hat lady chix do only, exclusively, good things (not likely)'cause it doesn't change the fact that they are cults.