Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money money poo poo

First of all I wanted to say... MONEY BEGGARS, LEAVE ME ALONE WHEN I'M IN MY CAR!
I hate how you think that being in your car kind of blocks strangers off from approaching you but most of us have found out that is WRONG.
So yesterday I'm in the car, about to call my friend back. All of a sudden I see a movement by my window and look up. I was kind of parked far out away from other cars so this surprised me.
It was a woman and she obviously wanted to say something so I opened my door a crack (the car wasn't on yet, which is why I didn't just roll down the window).
She automatically started with her sob story...
"My husband and I are from Los Angeles and we are traveling to see family in Washington. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and we have a blah blah truck (can't remember what she said) and it only runs on blah blah miles to the gallon.... could you help us out? Just any change would help..."
By the way, she didn't look at all pregnant.
So I didn't know what to do, feeling trapped, so I dug through my wallet and pulled out two dollar bills. It was the quickest thing I could do to get her to leave me alone.
"Thank you..." and she walked away.
This happens way too much and the thank you never seems at all grateful. Probably because she KNEW her little story would work. This just bothers me.
After she walked off I could see her walking to a group of cars and then she was gone so I'm guessing she got in one of the cars. I drove by where she dissappeared and guess what? Not a single truck OR car with a California license plate. What car did she get in, anyways?
I find it interesting that they waited outside of the Dollar Tree. Why not go outside some store where people with a bunch of money shop? I was shopping in there for a reason! I need those dollars, I'm running EXTREMELY low on money.

Money money... ahhh! I just need it. Isaac and I BOTH need it. Lots of it, if we want to get married.

Oh yeah a longish time ago I got new shoes and said in my blog I'd post pictures because they are different.
Carpet shoes, the guy working there called them.

Aaaaaaaaaand I also thought I'd share these pictures with you guys because I really like going here...

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