Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're gonna sail to the hinterland.

So I have been viciously cleaning the house today. Fun stuff, I know. Well it is nice, though, to do something other than going to work.
Anyways I took a break to go online and I have a couple things to say:
1. I got this full length mirror at work because it was pretty damn cheap on sale. Don't even know where to put it but whatever. So I finally decide to take the cardboard that is around it off. I just ripped it all off in a bit of a hurry (don't know why) and right then I saw something fly out from it. I looked to see what it was and it was a razor blade! AHHH! That could have been pretty bad if it was stuck in the cardboard and I grabbed it or something. Just the idea of what COULD have happened freaked me out.
2. I saw a little bit of this show on E! about murders and such. All I saw was a bit about these two kids that randomly decided to just shoot a bunch of middle schoolers. I think the killers were 11 and 13 or something. They are now adults have have been released from jail with a clean record, wtf? And they apparently don't show any remorse or anything. WTF??? There was no reason given or ANYTHING. Well anyways. This just made me cry. The fact that there are so many people out there that would do something like this and not give a shit. Peoples lives are worth so much and then all these fuckfacetardassbitchbastardsnessers have to come along and just end someone elses life and ruin all the lives of those that loved the person.
And even those people out there that don't kill but are judging and hating or just scaring are about as bad as these murders. Arg. Done.

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