Friday, September 5, 2008

It is time.

Hello there world. I got out my camera today and brought it with me on a little ride while I did ran around doing stuff but then I realized I have nothing I wish I tell the world in video form right now. And I have no interesting video ideas. It's like my mind will only allow me to be either creative with arts and crafts OR videos, but never both at the same time. Ever.
So that was FAIL.
When Isaac is here, videos shall come. We have ideas.

So what has Melody been up to? Well yesterday after work I cleaned the house a little (though one room is already TRASHED again... my craft room/Isaac's bedroom). I can't help it if I want to create without picking up my mess! And I also made this YouTube shirt. Well, almost. I just have to finish that off. I also worked on some PJ pants for Isaac. Almost done! And some other random crap here and there. Today I didn't do as much productive stuff. Just mostly enjoying my day off. I did run around getting some things I needed/wanted and babysat my nephew and blah blah blah but yeah. I just feel so much better knowing that I have some days off without any set plans. EEEH! I really needed this.

Today I cut my finger pretty deep. It happened with some thing in my car, details don't matter. But luckily it must be a small enough cut (though, as I said, deep) and in just the right spot because it didn't bleed at all but it hurt like hell, and I could see how deep it was.
And then about 30 minutes ago I was outside and I was going to water some plants. Well I filled up the watering bucket and then when I go to pick it up, I feel a pain on my finger. I let go and see a spider fall from where I was holding it and then soon after saw ANOTHER on the handle jump off. Shit, I hate spiders. I don't know what kind of spider it was but I should be fine. It just scared me and I still have the heebie jeebies.

I am blabbing on and on, stop me now.

I have lots of chores and things I want to get done tomorrow and I want to watch a movie now (still don't know which one came in the mail, so it will be a surprise) so I better stop rambling. Now.

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