Friday, September 12, 2008

Ahh whats goin' on?

I'm a bit confused about my debit card now. I looked at my balance online and it shows where my last paycheck was put in and then shows a drink I got at Dairy Queen the other day but nothing in between. The thing is, I know I used my card a few times in between those times. Even a couple times on the DAY I got my paycheck... but none of that is showing up. Why, man? It has been a week now...
I'm just confused because I don't know, exactly, what I have. I have no way of knowing now...

I watched that 102 Minutes that Changed America thing last night. Well I stayed up until about 3 AM watching it because I missed it when it first came on. I have no words... it's just horrifying.

So it's about 10 days now until my last day of work.... there you go.

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