Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just bought Guitar Hero On Tour (for Nintendo DS). I am having a blast with it! Wee!! It is kind of a silly purchase and I bought it from the crap place (Toys R Us) so I may have payed more than I could have elsewhere... but pay day is tomorrow so I'll be fine. I tried calling Circuit City and after having a lovely time with phone-robot (for blah de blah press 8 now) I finally got through to the store to talk to someone... but no one answered. I tried again.... same thing. It was kind of a spur of the moment purchase so I didn't look online or anything! Talking too much about it now...
Well actually I just looked online and I guess I payed the normal price. I just like to think Toys R Us rips you off with EVERYTHING.
Isaac is so close to being here... EEEH! You guys have no idea how exciting this is. Maybe you do but shut up. And I only have one work day left, can you believe it? I am going to try to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow (day off) and on the days before Isaac is here, I have a BUNCH to do... so I will be pretty busy up until (and probably some of the time WHILE) he is here.
(I like to use parenthases.)
I am addicted to chapstick, I've come to realize.
Not eating it, sillies.
I am so mentally prepared to just... move out. It's financial preperation that I need.

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