Monday, October 27, 2008

Incredibly sad

Our last hug was at 5:13, last kiss at about 5:17 and I last saw Isaac around 5:24 this morning as we waved from opposite sides of an airport checkpoint.
That was one hell of a short month. You would think that we would have found time to do every little thing we planned, but we didn't.
We did record some videos but it looks like I will have to edit them on my own. :(
One of the worse things about it is that on Friday night, Isaac got terribly sick. So he was sick all through Saturday and then Sunday was mostly a recovery day. I'm not talking 'I don't feel well' or 'I have a cold' kind of sick, but yucky horrible 'I should bare all the details' kind of sick. It was quite sad seeing him go through that. I did treat him to the kinds of things I would get when I was that sick. Sprite, saltine crackers, chicken and stars, and lots of water.
We have something cool that the public has yet to know (public as in internet people...) but you will find out when I get my ass editing those videos.
But basically what this entry was going to be all about is that I feel alone now and I already miss Isaac...

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Anonymous said...

Dono what your plans are, but you really should go see him next time. It would surely be a really good experience for you.

Looking forward to the video.