Saturday, October 4, 2008

Expect great things

Isaac is here now. We have 0 pictures of us together (ok, lie, but 0 that I want to show a bunch of strangers) and no video. Weird, eh? Well we have been enjoying just being together so screw you all! We will get some soon though, for future-selves sakes.
I am currently on Stickam which is now, I must say, suckam. No one goes on anymore. I'm live with 2 lurkers and the only people that come in just say hi and then leave.
Isaac is playing guitar back there. Weeeee.
We went to some different town place today to look see some chalk art on a road. There was some live country music and it was funny to watch old hillbilly looking people dancing to it. They were one of the highlights.
Again, weeee.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, promation. Seriously make an announcement when you are going to be on. Post a video on YT and LV letting everyone know when you are going to be live. You can take them down when you're finished.

You've got at least a thousand hardcore fans. Its almost a certainty that someone wants to chat with you. If they know that you're live.

Yeah it is weird when you don't make videos. MOAR;)