Thursday, October 16, 2008

I challenge YOU to find a memory card...

Isaac is fun to watch playing guitar. You know when people get really into it and their faces do all these things, as though their faces are making the music? Moving mouth and eyebrows.... well he does it. That's pretty cute haha.

Wow, his visit here is just going way too quickly. We are about to go have some Arby's. We have never had it before but curly fries sound good. I also am thinking of going to the goodwill and trying to think of something to wear as a costume as part of a Haunted House/Party Jen is having on Halloween.

We went to the Oregon Caves yesterday and that was cool.

"Kevin said...

Do you ever feel trapped in your own internet identity?"

Interesting question, Kevin. The answer is... sometimes. As much as I don't really think about this "internet identity", it still won't get off my shoulders. I have this nagging feeling at times as though "BowieChick" should make a video. Not that I don't enjoy making videos, but someitmes I feel I SHOULD instead of wanting to. I am not positive what kind of answer you were looking for out of this, so I might be reading it wrong.

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