Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry... Christmas.

It certainly doesn't feel like the holiday season this year to me and I have no idea why. There's snow, it's freezing, we have a tree, the consumerism of Christmas is here as always, and I'm happy. But it's not that jolly olly ness I used to get. I guess I'm growing up. And I don't have Isaac here with me.
But I am excited to try Jaffa Cakes!
Don't feel sorry for me because I don't feel sad about not being in the Christmas mood. I just feel like I do any other day of the year, really. It doesn't even matter.
But just because I love these songs:

I know some people find it kind of depressing but I don't.

Of course :)

Update on Peter: He now stands on my finger on demand and gets to come out of the cage every day. I'm really happy about his fast learning. Now I just need to continue on to build that trust.

I have a job interview thingy on Monday. I really hope I can get enough money in time to visit Isaac.

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