Friday, January 2, 2009

Money money money....

It's hard not to think about it right now.
Isaac and I may have to end up sacrificing seeing each other AT ALL in 2009. I keep thinking about this and we have all the immigration fees to pay for and then the actual marriage (even if we get married in the simplest way) and then saving up for being able to actually leave my parents' house. How do we include travel into this?
I already miss him. Even though I get to talk to him on webcam almost EVERY DAY I still miss him. It's hard when you are restricted to just sitting at the computer and you can't do stuff together. I could try taking my laptop on a walk but that wouldn't be very fun.
I'm trying so hard to just remove the idea of buying anything for fun at all in 2009. I will try to only buy what I NEED because I can't see how anything will work out otherwise. BTW, dollar store FTW.
Long distance relationships are expensive.

AND the British Pound is no longer worth as much more than the US dollar than is used to be! It was at one point almost TWICE as much but he sent me 200 pounds recently and it only was 280something/290 or so. Can you believe it??

I would seriously be able to deal with being basically penniless if Isaac lived here with me now. Think of how easy it would be! But I shouldn't think that way. We have what we have and we will get through it some how. It's just going to be very hard...

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