Friday, January 23, 2009

BlogTV was crap...

I'm angry/annoyed because I planned for a show and I ended up spending the whole time annoyed. Some reason the internet keeps disconnecting from my laptop but in the office the chat on BlogTV wouldn't even load! Plus people kept saying it was cutting out. Another thing is some reason in the office I can't even hear other people's chats even though they aren't muted, the volume is up, and I can hear other things (like that annoying ad they play when you enter their room).
So I am going to something else, if I ever get the energy back to do a show some day. This just really bothered me! ANYWAYS, blogtv is no more (for now). If I go live again it will be at UStream.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that site totally sucks. Please don't give up on live shows though. UStream would probably work a lot better. But have you ever checked out It SEEMS to work pretty good (from limited experience), and has a nice community feel to it. Kind of like LiveVideo used to be.

As for your internet issues. Have you tried to reset/reboot your wireless router? Maybe you should call you ISP and see if they can help.

Brandy said...

i came to watch but once i got there, i just saw a screencap of you. i figured it was frozen and you already logged off. is an awesome site, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melody.

I'm sorry to use your blog for a link, but I didn't know how/if/where you wanted to be contacted. So, if this is annoying, please delete. I was treading water in the cesspool that is the Internet and found this neat link and thought you might like it.

Frank Black

Miroslav Glavic said...


were you using wireless connection? if yes then try plugging your ethernet cable's wire into the laptop.
if you are using a router, try using the ethernet cable into the laptop directly.

this is counting that you have highspeed internet and not dial-up