Friday, January 2, 2009

Worried about Peter...

Peter really scared me. I was in tears because I already really love that budgie...
So he was out of his cage and on my arm and then he suddenly decided he felt like flying. His wings are clipped so when he tries to fly he doesn't get very far and he hasn't quite mastered... landing.
So he landed hard. I don't know exactly HOW he landed but I looked at him right after and he had his wings out and was kind of on his chest.
I freaked out and quickly tried to help him up.... but he wouldn't stand up. He seems to be lying on his chest. There he was in my hand being really weird and scaring the crap out of me looking like he was struggling to get up but he couldn't seem to be able to! Next thing you know, he stands in my hand. Then he shook out his feathers and acted as though nothing happened. He began to even look like he was about to fly again but I couldn't let him do that so I lightly clasped my hand over his wings. After a moment of trying to observe him (he seemed like his normal self) I decided to put him back in his cage. He seems normal now but you can never be sure...
I put a blanket on part of his cage and keep checking in and he is acting completely like nothing ever happened. I'm scared though! According to my book, loss of balance and inability to get up could be a sign of a concussion.
I really love this guy. He's so young too. I really hope he's ok!
Something tells me I will have a hard time sleeping tonight. I'm going to be checking in on him a lot.


Miltbottleboy said...

Peter in videos is cool.

gota love talking to animals :)

Faith said...

Hope he's still looking fine

Anonymous said...

I missed you on blogtv today, but I'm up to date on your blogspots. "
Birds are experts at hiding illness to avoid appearing vulnerable to predators."
Here's a story with a happy ending. I hope that your plans turn out well. -Ken from gws