Monday, January 19, 2009

Haha what the heck?

If anyone on here somehow managed to track down who my ex is, please just confess now.
I just got this message from him on MySpace:
"Next time I get a call from you at 4 in the morning, you will have the police at your house to deal with. Grow up."
Now imagine YOU got a message like this.... WHEN YOU NEVER CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE.
It's so strange being accused of something and when the person sounds so sure of what they are accusing you of. So very strange. And random.
I almost wish he WOULD have just contacted the police to begin with. I mean, if he did he would be proven wrong and this would be over. Though it would piss me off to be woken up that early by the police for no reason at all.
I was just talking to my mom about it trying to theorize how or why he would think I called him. Did someone call him and say something about being me? Why would I call and say it was me? Did the phone number look like mine?
It's not like I even HAVE his number.
I won't be able to rest until I know what's going on here.


Faith said...

ohmigosh, that's freaky. i hope it's all cleared up.

Christina Ross said...

I have had a similar situation happen to me once, and I am willing to bet I know what happend!
There is this website you can go to... where you can type in ANY number and ANY name and This computer thing will call the phone number you enter and The caller I.D. will show up as whoever the fuck you want it to show up as. My friend tried this on me once and She later confessed that she had done it. Go to the site and check it out for yourself, I am willing to bet someone found out who he was and Decided to fuck with your life.
some people have no lives.

Anonymous said...

first of all, call the police for a nite call ??? -_- that guy look abit n00b lol
second, yes it is possible to fake
the caller ID.. i can do it with my
iphone too...cheers