Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Please, PLEASE, just let me sleep.

For a couple months now I will have many many random nights where I will be fine BEFORE bed but as soon as I try to sleep I start feeling a bit nauseous. I will try to ignore it and fall asleep but many times, the feeling of falling asleep makes me burst out of bed thinking I'm going to throw up... but I never do.
It normally just takes a few tries and I will fall asleep and wake up fine as though the nausea never happened.
But not tonight.
Tonight I was only able to sleep for about 30 minutes (at most!) and other than that, I've been just tossing and turning and constantly feeling like I'm about to barf. I got some water and an emergency bowl just in case but I really don't know if I will throw up. Now I'm sitting here and my stomach hurts but it's not the same as when I try falling asleep. I've been trying since 10! It's 2:48 now and I need to wake up in about 3 hours (at the latest) to go to work.
This really sucks.
Really really sucks.
I don't know what it is but come on I would like it to go away and I really would like some sleep.
I got tired of just lying there and jumping up every time my head starts to finally doze off so I came on here.
I am freezing right now too! Our house is so cold. I can't stay warm but EVERY time I bundle up just right and start to relax even a little, I just end up quickly getting up again feeling like I'm going to throw up!
I'm even trying sleeping sitting up which normally works but it isn't this time.
The night before I have to work pretty early. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

You're gonna hate me for saying this, but that almost sounds like morning sickness.


Faith said...

I strongly strongly suggest changing your diet. Nothing altered by man too much or even invented by man. It really helped me. I found that free glutamic acid in foods messes with my sleep. (also known as msg). I'd ALMOST fall asleep and then suddenly my body would wake me up like it was afraid to go to sleep. Try eating just a biblical diet if you have to. I hope you figure out what's going on. Even it's it's stress related diet change can help. Maybe go see a doctor though.

Anonymous said...

Glad i'm not the only one to have these problems