Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Part II of Haha what the heck?

Ok so I just read this comment left by Christina on my last blog:
I have had a similar situation happen to me once, and I am willing to bet I know what happend!
There is this website you can go to... where you can type in ANY number and ANY name and This computer thing will call the phone number you enter and The caller I.D. will show up as whoever the fuck you want it to show up as. My friend tried this on me once and She later confessed that she had done it. Go to the site and check it out for yourself, I am willing to bet someone found out who he was and Decided to fuck with your life.
some people have no lives."

There is a possibility this happened. If that is the case than I must say: Leave that 'poor' guy alone. He clearly can't take a joke, whatever it was that happened.

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