Saturday, January 10, 2009

No I'm not high, thank you.

All my life I have gotten strangers telling me I look tired. Thank you! How nice of you. Most of the time when they ask this I had a wonderful amount of sleep! It's because of my dumb eyes. That simple. Ever since probably middle school or so I have been asked by many people if I am currently high. Many of them refuse to believe when I say no! I am not high! I was even asked recently when I was working at a local store by a guy that worked there. How can I take this as anything but an insult? Especially when I have never done any sort of drug and proud of it. And all based on what? My droopy/baggy eyes and my calmer/mellow nature? That's just me.

Sorry for that short rant there. I was just thinking about this and how much it bothers me. I didn't choose the way I look and I hate that it automatically makes people make all these assumptions about me.

I want my brain to calm down because I can't seem to relax tonight. I think it's because Isaac went to bed earlier today and I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Since it's pretty much part of my daily schedule to talk to him every night I think part of me is still expecting that and won't rest until I get a chance. It has been a long night and it's only 10.

Oh our water heater is leaking (again, it has done this before) and luckily I caught onto it before it got as bad as last time. Last time it happened it got a huge area of our living room all wet and pretty much ruined the carpet. This time I happened to walk by the area to get to a closet and felt a little dampness. Ugh. So no hot water for now.

I have been so lazy these last couple of days. Partly because I have just been not feeling well and also because... well I don't really have an excuse. I have been just pondering things more than anything and snuggling up to stay warm. I need sun and a nice walk. I also need Isaac...

I think I'm going to maybe watch tv or something. I wonder if anything is even on...


Faith said...

lol! i almost thought i was the only one that happened to! i dont know why my eyes would look high (i guess from dark circles or SOMETHING, who knows!), but yeah, when I'm around people, I get asked if I'm high, or if I'm okay. Then people would always bring up Jim Brewer because he always looks high, even when he's not. I like your eyes though, don't start to dislike them, they're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Forget about it.. ur the most charming woman that I saw on YT.. (and also that have will to do that lot of videos.. ) : )

Keep up! Your eyes are exactly what they must be.
Carlos Cristo