Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peter the budgie!

I got a new budgie today!!! I am so excited.
So he's a violet colored parakeet, kind of like this one:

Only just SLIGHTY darker.
He's clearly a male, not making the same mistake as last time. He's also very young.
So want to hear the name?
Sounds like a very simple name: Peter.
But where did it come from?
It was actually Isaac who came up with it.
So the drummer of Siouxsie & the Banshees goes by the name Budgie. So naturally, we just took his REAL name (Peter Edward Clarke) and that is my new keet's name. Yeah, I have a musical set of birds now!

Peter is currently just sitting in his cage trying to relax. He's very scared in his new environment. Ziggy doesn't even seem to notice him yet.
In case you are wondering, yes they are in separate cages. Ziggy probably wouldn't like it if her home was suddenly invaded by some annoying newcomer. After a while, I will move his cage closer to hers and then eventually hopefully they will live happily together. I know Ziggy would PROBABLY enjoy the company, but who knows? I can't wait until they start talking to each other. Ziggy enjoys "talking" to budgies on YouTube so I bet she would like to talk to another bird whenever she pleases, in stead of waiting for me to play a video.

Yes. That's all. I'm happy!

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Chelsea Morning said...

The idea for peter's name is brillant, Siouxsie and the Bnashees is on my favorites bands!