Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture blog.

^First time having canned cheese.

^Not us but we wished it was.

^After camping we went on a trolley tour. It was cool.

^So this girl Brandy commented my blog and I noticed she had a link so I went to it and it was her etsy so I bought stuff because it was cool.

^These came free with it and at first I thought she sent them on accident because I didn't see the thing that said that if you buy $10 or more in July than you get a pair of these awesome things (or others) for free. It was a cool surprise though!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun.

Hey, maybe you should open your own online store, like that one. You could design and sell your own stuff. You're are pretty creative. It might work for you. Probably be easier for you then working in retail.

brandy said...

i'm glad you liked them! :) i've been reading your blog but hardly ever comment. my brothers and i love your videos, btw. so it was exciting that you bought something that i made. ;) and i agree! you should open your own store! it's fun.
looks like you had fun camping! i just got back from the beach...definitely didn't want to come home, it was way too nice not having to worry about things back home.