Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So someone ranted about how I shouldn't ask for a couple days off to go camping. Um yeah I should. We don't even have set weekly schedules where I work and sometimes I have a couple days off in a row anyways. I was opening with the manager that makes the schedules and she asked if I had a request for next week's schedule and I told her I would like a couple days off to go camping. She said ok and now I can go camping so yay me. That was easy.
I'm glad I have today off. Lindsay and I might see The Dark Knight tonight. Don't worry Isaac, we are still going to get to see each other tonight too.
Picture time.

My sewing machine.

Piles of fabric. You can't see all of it in here, some is behind the others.

Random owl.

Cute owl feetssieeessss.

I don't even know what that it. It was sewn by hand though.

Apron made by panel.... I wanted a cheesy christmas apron so yay!

Apron made in time of R.A.o.A. (Random Acts of Apron). I just cut out fabric and sewn it together and this is the result. That is my apron face.

Cheyenne and I ate Blizzards the other night. Yum. The end.

Oh and my greatest sewing creation yet is something I can't even show you guys. It's Lindsay's birthday gift and since I don't want to spoil the surprise you guys will have to wait until end of september/beginning of October to see it. It's cool though. Bye.


Crescendo said...

Yay! I'm glad you posted pictures. And of course you deserve time off for camping. I can't believe someone would tell you otherwise!

You're definitely an inspiration to get my own butt in gear... We have a sewing machine that I've tried to figure out for ages, an old Bernina, but it's so complicated and now I've decided to sell it and get a different one... Seeing your pretty pics is reminding me to go do it, lol.

Can't wait to see Lindsay's b-day present... I'm sure she'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the comment on your last post. It was just meant to be general advice to help you get the days off you want. It should have been more to the point.

Only ask for days off when you really need them (i.e., not every week), and ask far enough in advice, so it doesn't cause schedule problems (before others ask for that same day off). Thats all.

Anyways always love your camping videos. Looking forward to a new one:)