Friday, July 18, 2008

Ooh ahh visionary.

1. Music is weird. I mean it's weird how a song can be full of memories, even memories of things very insignificant. For me, certain Bowie albums bring up a whole set of memories from the time I got each one and would listen to whatever was the newest over and over. His Reality album brings me right back to being in my bedroom right before starting my junior year. I had just gone shopping (Old Navy mostly, I think) with my mom for school clothes. I saw Reality in a store and told my mom how it was his newest album and I only knew one song off of it. Anyways, I then went home and popped in the CD thinking about how different his old-man voice is since I only had a few of his other albums at the time. It began to get cloudy out as I put together my outfits for the first days of school. That's how I always was. I would plan my outfits down to exactly what days I would wear them for the first week. I would even have dreams that I accidentally wore the wrong outfit on the wrong day and it messed up my whole school year. ANYWAYS... I remember one outfit was a pink layered v-neck tshirt, a jean skirt, and these clunkyish shoes. Basically an outfit I would never choose now. After showing my mom and having her tell me it was cute, I went back inside and at that time it began to hail... hard. I remember listening to Bowie belt out his songs as I thought about how gloomy it looked outside. It was one of those days where it looked like it could be sweater weather but was actually warm enough to swim in.
So yeah.

2. I was pissed off today. Very pissed. So I have had a long week. Working, sleeping, working, sleeping. Today after work I decided to stop by this awesomely priced clothing store by my work. I thought a little clothes looking might clear my mind, it sometimes does. I didn't really plan on buying anything other than work pants if they had any that would work (they didn't but I DID buy a shirt). So as I am trying on these shirts there was one I really liked but thought another size would be better. So I go in my hunt to find the other size. The thing about this place is that you can go to your size and just shuffle through the stuff but it's not organized so it takes work. Well as I am looking I kept seeing this little girl down the isle pulling on shirts. She was pulling on those things like she was expecting some candy to come out if she pulled hard enough. Her mother was looking at clothes and turned to look at her daughter but never did anything about her pulling on the shirts. These things were ready to fucking rip! So as I get closer to them and am watching this girl I see her start to pull a price tag. I could see that any second the plastic tag thing could easily rip right through the sleeve. Since I was now standing right next to this child, I just politely said to the child, "You shouldn't pull on that..."
Well this kid acted as though I just said, "I'm going to kill you and your whole family. Oh, and your little dog too! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She just freaked out and hid behind her mom. He mother turned to me and gave me this stare of death. She then said something like "What??" and I said "Sorry she was pulling on that shirt pretty hard..." and then the lady very rudely said some shit in spanish of which I could not understand but don't know if I want to and then said, "If you have a problem with her then tell me! You are not her mother!" I sincerely apologized a little shocked at her reaction. I now wished I would have mentioned that she does not own the clothing and should not allow her little fucking brat to just ruin everything. Anyways the lady turned her head around to the clothes again and then back to me a second later to give another death stare. Fuck her and those death stares. The whole time her little darling girl kept acting as though I had a gun or something. She kept trying to hide from me. Every time I moved a step, she moved a little further. I leaned down a bit and tried to put on a happy face to say sorry to the kid but she ran off again. I didn't want to scare some kid! I wasn't doing it for that bitch-mom, I felt bad for actually scaring the kid!
I didn't want to stay there any longer so I bought the shirt and got in my car. I don't know if I have ever started up my car and left so quickly before, even when running late for something. When I finally got back on the road I just had this burst and screamed out, "FUCK YOU BITCH!" I wasn't really expecting myself to sound so loud and angry. It actually SCARED me! I spent the next minute trying to figure out how I could get so loud/angry sounding.
I am sure some people could brush this off. And maybe there is some unwritten law I don't know about that says you can't ask another person's kid to stop doing something stupid. I sure as hell wouldn't give a shit if someone told my future child to stop doing something they shouldn't do! Unless they yelled at them or cussed or didn't something out of line, wtf?

3. I got my sewing machine on monday and have only sewn 2 aprons so far. One from a panel and one from the brain. The machine was an early birthday present to myself and I am not regretting that purchase one bit! It's a great machine. Brother XL 2600. I did a bit of research before buying it so I knew it would be ok. Especially for that price!

The end. Pictures some day.

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Krysta said...

Wow, that lady was such a bitch! That would have totally pissed me off.