Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beep bop boop!

My mom has this really old sewing machine which is connected to the table meaning I am stuck in the laundry room if I want to use it. I also need to get her help every time because it's so confusing. It's old, as I said. Sure, it may be pretty good and heavy duty but gahh I just wanted my own sewing machine I can figure out on my own. Soooo I ordered one on the other night. I looked through a bunch and read reviews and this was one of the top rated and lowest in price. When I get it, I will go sew crazy. I'm excited. I have a bunch of projects lined up that I am waiting to do on my own machine.
I also ordered a swimming suit from this site a while back and got a call saying I should be getting it today. No, you guys won't be seeing it. I'm hoping it works. It's not easy for a "curvy" girl to find a swimming suit that actually fits without things falling out here and there or being too loose in the stomach area. I was a little iffy about the prices at first but then I went to this swimming suit place and a million stores and the only one/s that worked for me and were the style I liked we like $130. No shit. Not doing that.
I am about to go to the book store to check out craft books and stuff like that. Bye.

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