Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things to do

I need to figure out how to live my life and stay sane while working. I'm not used to having a job anymore, and have never had a job that I actually WORK at. I mean, Toys R Us hardly gave me any hours. Some weeks I had less than 8 hours, no joke.
Money is good though. I have the money to support my hobbies but now need time for those hobbies. On my days off I end up doing things like chores or hanging out with friends in stead of the things I am craving.
Like painting.
I just bought 3 canvases and have ideas of what to fill all three with.
I also bought a wooden crate-like 3 drawer unfinished thingy which I have ideas on how to paint. It will store my sewing stuff.
Which leads me to how I want to be able to sew. I have all these ideas and all this fabric but have only started one bag.
I also wanted to cover that thing the rat/squirrel/whatever chewed through in my car with a fancy fabric. It will be a cheap and quick way to cover it. I need to clean my car inside and out too. It still has the pieces from that rat/thing incident lying around.
I feel there was other stuff I wanted to do. Oh yeah, yoga. I want the time to be able to just chill and do that. Oh and listen to music. I recently went to an antique mall and bought 2 new records. One T.Rex and one of the Mamas and the Papas. I haven't had a chance to fully listen to both.

I just remembered a list of other stuff I need to do to sort out my life and keep me sane. yay!

Isaac said wang.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats pretty much life. Either you are unemployed and bored, with too much time on your hands and no money to do anything. Or you are working all the time, making lots of money, and no time to spend it, or do anything.

Still better to be working, then be bored though.