Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yay pretty.

So I bought this thing and I wanted to pretty it up. I am going to use it to store some of my sewing shit. I am not completely finished with it. There are some things I wanted to touch up and then spray it with a glossy finishing spray. I was originally going to paint labels on the drawers but will instead make them on paper or something and just stick those on. I didn't want anything permanent. If you can't quite tell, that is not white it is actually silver so it is a bit metallic.


Both sides are about like this:
The top was the part that took the most work and time. I can't believe how patient I was with myself.


Brandy said...

that's really pretty! i have a plastic pink drawer thingy for my sewing stuff. so now i'm definitely jealous. ;)

Crescendo said...

That looks gorgeous! Especially the top, it's so lovely!

I should pay you to do one for me! ;)