Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dead man walking

I am not used to working so many days in a row. 6 days, working every morning. I know many people do it and are used to it for the most part but I don't know if I can be. Not now anyways. I still need to even out fun with work. I am hoping that the week after this week I will have two days off in a row so I can take my niece camping before it's too late. I can ask for the time off I just don't know how, honestly. I'm weird like that. I'm more comfortable just letting them schedule me whenever and working around that. I can't explain why.
I should really be sleeping right now because every morning this week I have regretted staying up late. Ok, that's it. After I type this I WILL go to sleep. I will. MELODY DO IT!
I don't even know what to say. I have some pictures to post but I wanted to take another of my apron thing before putting any up.
I want to have a chance to sew. And paint. And CLEAN. Fuck, I need to clean.
This is the first summer I have HAD to do something. Never school, never had a job during the summer. Weird. It was strange when I saw some people with a boat and forgot what it was like to have a real summer. I miss that.

Oh so I never told you guys how much I loved Looking For Alaska by John Green. And FYI, I didn't like both of John Green's books (Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines) just because OMG he's on YouTube or something. That may be what made me check them out to begin with but the thing that kept me interested was his amazing ability to pull me in. I normally drift off when reading books but with these I was so into it! I caught myself laughing out loud some times. I was even in TEARS when reading Alaska. That's a new one for me.
Another book I just read was The Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti. That was pretty good too though a bit predictable. Oh well, I really enjoyed it.


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Anonymous said...

First don't waste your chances for requesting time of on trivial things. Wait for something important like your next big event when your BF will be visiting you.

Block out all the dates he will be there. Write a note to your Manager at least about one month in advance. Saying, that that you will be on vacation from xxx until xxx, and you will not be available to work on those dates. That should be enough time for them to cover your hours.

Then verbally remind your Manager about your plans about two weeks before. They sometimes like to forget about things like that. Then mention to all your co-workers that you will be on vacation, so everyone knows. That will pretty well ensure that you'll get your time off.