Monday, June 30, 2008

Picturefied update.

It has been a while. I have mostly been working during the day and talking to Isaac at nights. It has been to the point where all I can dream and think about is customers waiting in line and cutting fabric. Drove me nuts!

This is me working really hard. Yes, trust me.

See that paper cut? Why is it that paper cuts hurt so badly? That thing was horrible. I like my camera. It's wonderful with closeups...

So, people are supposed to take numbers instead of just standing in line. I hate those things. I don't like having to call out numbers and waiting for people to respond. I also hate how some people start gravitating towards you as soon as it LOOKS like you might be available even if you aren't and haven't called their number yet. I'm sure I'd do the same but it still gets on my nerves. Oh well, smile Melody.

But luckily a three day weekend was in store for me and today is my last day of it. Saturday was nice though it was extremely hot. BUT Lindsay came over and we tie dyed shirts! I got dye all over my hands and some on my arms... that stuff is a bugger to get off. I didn't get any picture of us actually dying the shirts but I did take these:

Those are my two favorites. The top one is Lindsay's and the bottom is mine. They were the first ones made which is why the colors are so bold. After that, we had to water down the dyes but this led to less powerful colors. I felt a little bad that Lindsay didn't get to make a rainbow shirt since the colors were so lame at that point... here are all four shirts... hers on top mine on bottom:

Yesterday was Celsie's baby shower. It was out in the middle of nowhere and I got lost about a bazillion times. Middle of nowhere:

Today I am going to finish Looking for Alaska (the book, ya know). I haven't had a chance to read it until I started yesterday though it is due back today. I cried. Not because it's due... but the story... ANYWAYS.
I am also going to the bank, yay, and then shopping. Well maybe not buying anything just going around a bit. I want to find this one pair of shoes I liked in one store but they had every size but mine. There are two of that store here so I am going to the other one. Then, if time allows it since I'm being so slow, I think I may paint or sew or something. We'll see. Oh and "new video up:

I am so proud of the hard work that went into it. Since you can't hear my sarcasm I will just tell you: that was sarcasm.

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Cheesus said...

don't feel bad about my second shirt rainbow deal. That one is actually my favorite of the two I made!

I don't know why, but it reminds me of a kid's dinosaur shirt... the colors & all, haha!

That was fun, btw, thank you for buying the materials.