Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hair dilemma

About a week ago I decided to re-dye my hair. I have been dying my hair this auburn color for a while. Anyways. I got this new "Perfect 10" shit in the same color as I got in normal dyes. Well. I am at it one night, doing my hair and then I realized that the area I started (on top) has already had dye in it for 10 minutes (the time that it says to leave it in) and that I was hardly finished with the rest of my hair. Let me tell you, that little brush-like bottle top isn't any fast or easier than the ones with the regular tops. And is saving 10 -20 minutes of waiting time really worth twice as much? Anyways, I get to the end and now it's 15 minutes in. Shit.
So after a short amount of time I wash it out. half of my hair is pretty much brown and half is RED. Like gingerkid red. Yes. This:

Now I had one more day off before having to work morning. So after a long night of trying to sleep, I wake up early to ask my mom to go to the store and buy me some brown hair color. I know you are supposed to wait quite some time before re-dying but there was NO way I was going out like this and going to a hair salon? No.
So yeah, she helped me re-do my hair and now it's like brown but with red still in it. Weirdness but so much better...

The end.


Chocolate Thai said...

I would have died if my hair was fucked up and I had to go out in public soon.

Cheesus said...

I'm not sure if you told me about this story or not, but that would freak me out, esp. before work.

I never noticed a possible mess-up on yer hair, if that's any comfort to you.