Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby baby black and blue

I don't have anything to say.
I work again today (40 hours this week).
At least I start at 1:30 not 8:30 AM like yesterday. I hate rushing in the morning. I miss Tyra Show too.
I did something very unlike me on Monday. I bought 2 magazines, Nylon and Allure. First of all, I never buy magazines. Second, if I do it's some music thing or even about celebrities but never about "fashion" (it's hard to believe what's in there could be fashion) and beauty. 2 things I fail at. Phail?
I'm going to go eat breakfast and watch the tyra show. Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

I have to work 48 hours all week...

Rainier said...

Congrats on being mentioned on the New SteandKel Video!

Also I watched Tyra today, you didn't miss too much, just proposals!