Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steel on the skyline

I'm in the mood to listen to Bowie's "Heathen" album. The sound of that album kind of reflects my mood today...

I have a website about Isaac and myself that I will be now using to update where we are with our marriage progress. If you want to check it out, go here.

I had someone complaining that all I talk about now is either money or Isaac. Get over it, I talk about some things that are going on in my life and this is where my life is right now. I currently don't have that carefree feeling. Bye!
Don't mistake this for being unhappy. I'm happy, just a little stressed. The internet helps me stay sane because on here there are people that can relate to our situation but it seems as though everyone around me in real life never had to deal with anything like this. Long distance relationships, fiance visas, anything like that. Isaac and I will get through this, I can feel it.

And honestly, there isn't much else going on right now. I hardly see Lindsay, Jennifer and Johnathan moved to Idaho, almost never see Celsie, and as for other friends? Not many others. Amanda's in New Mexico, Megan and I never contact each other (sad). And plus I hardly ever go places anymore because everything costs money. Money that I can't spend. So I feel very restricted right now. Home, internet, Isaac, work. My life as of now.

I have nothing to talk about. Bye!

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Spiceymike said...

I think the annoyance with telling people in person is that they can never truly understand unless they've actually experienced it. Whereas like you've said I can relate as I have someone across the globe who I love very much as she does to me too. That's one of the reasons why I try not to explain too much about how my situation is. People tend to laugh off the fact that you can love someone online, y'know?

At the end of the day only the both of you can understand how you feel.