Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you ever stop to notice the crying earth, the weeping shores?

So for those of you who aren't friends with me on MySpace or don't watch IseAndMel OR follow me on twitter may not know that I was hacked 2 days ago.
First thing in the morning I tried to sign into my email but it said my password was wrong. I didn't think much of it, even after retrying the password a bunch. I thought maybe hotmail was just having issues.
But then I went to YouTube and saw that I was strangely signed out. If you are on YouTube, you might know that it doesn't sign you out unless you sign yourself out. I am hardly EVER signed out. And when I tried logging on? Said I had the wrong password.
So from this I realized it was only my BowieChick youtube and not my other two so I knew it wasn't something wrong with the computer. I was, at the time, able to get onto my personal myspace but NOT my BowieChick MySpace. I also couldn't get into my OTHER email. This really freaked me out at first. Customer service seemed to suck everywhere and I was really flipping out.
But I had to go to work as I just had to wonder what was going on. When I got home, I was able to get ONE of my emails back. It was the one connected to my BowieChick MySpace page and my Facebook (which was also "hacked") so I was able to get back into those. Then eventually yesterday morning I got the OTHER email back and all the VARIOUS websites that they decided to get into with that email.
Well when I got back into my personal myspace I saw I had a message from "BowieChick". My other myspace account. If I didn't have to work I would have seen this message earlier! This is what it said:
" You wont know me, but your email address password was posted on a message board for everybody to see, I got onto your account and changed the password to "nohack", so that nobody could hack you.
I'm sorry I had to hack in myself and I thought that logging into this was the only way to let you know.
Your password for this is the same but you may want to change the email one and this one.

Then find out who it was who managed to get the details in the first place. "
Yeah so that's what happened.
WHY would someone want MY info in the first place? Also, WHY would someone post it online? AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY IMMATURE ASSHOLES IN THIS WORLD?
They are fail. They DEFINE fail. Hackers, you suck. Grow up. Grow a brain and a heart while you're at it.

I got all my stuff back because these losers can't win.
Oh and BTW. To whoever has done this: I am getting the notices that you are trying to reset my passwords again. Move on or I WILL find out who you are.

Anyways. On from that subject.
I LOVE pinapple and bananas but both make the roof of my mouth hurt. Oy.

I can't believe it's going to be about a year until I get to see Isaac again. This is torture. But a year apart is nothing when I think about all the years we will get to be together. :)
Which reminds me. So many people have already joined Long Distance Love! Some people may wonder why I even bothered making it when there are many relationship groups online. Well, because there's more to a LDR than just a "normal" relationship. It doesn't matter if the distance is a few hours or a few thousand miles, there's just some stuff that is different that some people don't understand. So many people treat LDRs like they are nothing or unimportant or not real when in fact they ARE and it's nice to be around others who understand that.
Best wishes to Ashley and Mikey who are meeting for the first time in about a week! Have fun!


Anonymous said...


They are fail. They DEFINE fail. Hackers, you suck. Grow up. Grow a brain ""


and i'm also one of your followers on TWITTER and MYSPACE

Faith said...

Ah, good I'm glad you got everything back.

Anonymous said...

Happy you got everything straighten out, but I think you should still be a bit concerned. Could this be connected with that incident with your XBF getting that weird phone call? Maybe it's just coincidence, but it seems weird that that the two incidents happened only a few weeks apart.

Also I'd be skeptical about the claim that your PW was posted on 4chan or wherever site. There are a lot sick individuals on those sits. If that actually happened, I think a lot more people would have been messing with your accounts.

Sorry to be so negative. I can think of a few suggestions though.

1. Use a Secure Password Generator. Make sure your PWs are at least 15 random characters. Different one for each account. Change them often, and just keep them written down on paper.

2. Check your computer for keylogger trojans. Can't help you much with that, but you can Google it.

3. Always check your last login stats on your accounts for any unauthorized activity.

That should take care of everything.

Peanut Cream said...

Thanks, Melody. :D The meeting was amazing. But it hurt so much afterward...and still hurts a bit. I'll be okay though.