Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I haven't been Tubin' much.

First I have to say, "OMG PLAIN BORING BLOG LAYOUT!"
Yeah. I accidentally deleted the header from the HTML and then messed with the layout and then went, "Blah!" and now it's just header-less and lame blog. You may be wondering why I don't just upload the header again but I don't have it saved on this computer and am too lazy to get it right now. So it'll just be this way for a while until I change it.

So I've been really thinking about how little I.. well.. think about making videos for YouTube.
There was a time when I thought about it quite a lot and had a constant want to make vlogs or some strange idea for some funky video. It was just fun.
But now I don't have that. In fact, the idea of making videos now kind of makes me feel nervous and a little scared. And bored.
I was like, "What's that all about??"
But when I really think about it I feel like I know part of the reason. Or reasons.
YouTube has [almost] always had this semi-competition feeling on it. Sure, people used to think the person with 1,000 subscribers was cool and wanted to get at least 10 more than them. And that idea is still there only now it's the person with 100,000 subscribers that still want more!
I've never really been into that competition mindset of it. I don't like that. No fun for me! Just like popularity contests in school or something.
But the biggest thing is that NOW these people have a purpose. THEY ARE EARNING MORE MONEY WITH EACH VIEW. Oh YouTube partnership, how lovely you are.
I admit that I have tried signing up for a partnership but was denied since I don't get enough views. Oh well.
I just wonder how many of these people would be putting so much work and dedication into their stuff if it wasn't for the possibility of getting a little (or a lot) of cash off it. Or even semi-fame.
When I started YouTube this wasn't even a idea in my head. Fame off YouTube? Money from videos? What's that?
It was all about just doing it because we were bored and it filled some free time. It was fun.
You may be wondering why this takes away my desire. I wonder too. I just feel like seeing all these people that are making stuff off their videos and have that motivation make me feel completely pointless. Why am I on there?
I don't feel the need to try to compete with them to get to the top. I don't feel the need to put on an amazing show to get an ego boost and win out all those people. It just doesn't seem important. At all.
I used to make fun videos every once in a while. Like just being silly and acting or something but I think I've just grown out of that all. I haven't really had any desire to do those things. I did for a while have this idea for a Zoey video but I suddenly started hearing in my head all these future comments about me "trying" to be like Fred. Zoey was first, dumbass. Anyways. Plus, the more I thought about it the less I found it amusing for me to do.
One thing I still do like doing and always have is making music videos. Problem? Well every day more and more of people's videos with copyrighted music are being deleted. This sucks. Really sucks. Stop taking the fun out of music. And NO I'm not going to find music I have the rights too! I WANT TO DO VIDEOS TO MUSIC I ACTUALLY LOVE!

K80Blog basically explains how I feel about it all in this video, so you better watch it:

She doesn't really start talking about it until about 2:45ish but watch the whole video anyways.
I got Isaac to watch a bunch of her stuff today and he liked it. Yay!


Anonymous said...

First, think you are wrong. YouTube partners don't get paid by views. They get paid by clicks on their ads. If you don't click on their video ads, they don't get paid anything. Dono why you didn't get approved, but some partners get less views then your videos do. Your problem would be getting enough ad clicks to get paid at all. YouTube partners like Renetto and Zipster08 are reported to be earning about $1000 a month. You would have to divide the clicks you could get down from there, and you would have to get at least $100 worth before you could get paid.

You really should continue to make your videos just to have fun. It's not a really good way of making money. Also why after three years on YouTube are you still worried about comments you MIGHT get on a video? Fuck what people think. Just make the videos you want, the way you want.

Yeah the copyright nazis are sad. You could upload new music videos to your LiveVideo account. That site is so dead now that nobody pays any attention to it anyway. Then do a v-blog (with no music) about it on YouTube, and link to the video on LiveVideo (or some other site). Just a thought.

Melody said...

Dear Anonymous person,
Even if I am wrong about how they get payed, they are still getting payed and the amount of viewers matters because of that. I know some partners get more than those two. Who is Renetto anymore anyways?
I just know $1000 a month is a lot more than I get when I work hard at my crap job. Fuck that!
And why am I still worried about "maybe" comments? I don't know. I just wasn't made for YouTube and as much as I try to ignore bitches on it, it does often get to me. It doesn't matter if I've been on there three years, I've been dealing with a low self esteem my whole life.
And I don't really want to upload to LiveVideo. I don't like the vibe there anymore. I just wish I could upload it all to ONE site, YouTube. I like youtube as a website.

Richard said...

Youtube is run more as a business these days. Tv shows, music videos and other copyrighted material are removed while popular 'talent' is showered with ads at their own choice.

I guess its also become too big for its socks. Spammers, annoying kids posting lame comments and weird people adding violent content, it gets annoying.

On the upside there's a still a good percentage of honest entertaining video bloggers on there. :)

Miroslav the snow lover said...

There is ustream and bliptv

anyways, you been on youtube for as far as I can remember (it's 12:15 midnight so it could 2 years ago).

Maybe the whole visa stress+crappy job = stressing and tiring you out thus no inspirations.

take a day off, relax, do things just for you. every other human being is off for that day. or just meditate. I have enjoyed your y/t and l/v videos. hope they still come and no more end.

Kevin said...

Difference between fun and been there to entertain others. The best video is the video that is entertaining to most people and is about pleasing others.

I do admitt the number of people around you makes you a hard person to be friends with, how can you be friends with someone when theres a strong chance your likely to be just another person commenting to them or just another number on a list?, I feel even the comments here maybe just the samething.

When I see people with lots of subcribers and friends, I don't feel compelled to comment to them,the fact they maybe in a compeition where their trying to please others dose'nt make them cool and dose'nt make them worth knowing, not everyone who has 1,000's of people on their list is cool.

I used to like videos bloggers a whole lot more, but now I find I can't watch most of them, (I think it was that whole building a reputation thing togeather with just bored of them trying to do the samethings that killed it for me) but now and again I do find someone with not many subcribers who I can have something nice with, perhaps even get to know stuff about them and have a meaningful dialogue.