Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caution: HOT!


I am eating Maruchan Instant Lunch which I don't really like that much but there's not much in the house that's "instant" and I'm not in the mood to make anything. Sad, I know. I probably won't eat much or anything, just until I'm no longer hungry. Personally, I prefer Top Ramen in the whole "Easy to make cheap unhealthy noodle" category. I know it's shit but I used to eat it dry sometimes. Just sprinkle on the seasoning and break off a piece. Whatever, I do what I want!

I haven't blogged in a while. I don't really have anything to say I guess. That never stopped me before, I never have anything to say.

I applied again at my old job. I was already thinking about it but then an anonymous person in my comments on here suggested I re-apply there. I got more encouragement to do so when I got a comment from an old co-worker telling me to come back. I went in yesterday to speak with the manager and she said that as soon as there is an opening, she's calling me. She tends to hire people when she already has too many employees so I might be getting the job back pretty soon. Who knows though, I'm just top of the list. She even took my application and put it on top of all the others but with it sticking up to make it stand out. :)

It made me feel good to have some of the people there seeming excited to see me. I think that's one reason it was nicer to work there. I don't seem to easily get along with people my age but most of the people there are.. well.. not as young as myself. Plus I've never seen a guy working there EVER and most men piss me off. Man, I'm picky aren't I? Maybe it's just people in my area though...

I really do hope I get that job back soon because I miss getting money. I constantly regret how I treated money when I first worked there. I just hadn't learned my lesson yet about it and I thought, "Ahh it's just $20" or just not even thinking. I am sure that I even spent about half the money I EARNED in the same store I worked in. How sad is that? I have so much more to save for now. I can't be just spending my money like it's nothing! I feel as though my view of money and how to manage it has really improved and I feel it won't be a big problem. But, gosh, I do miss all that money.

Enough money and job talk.

Sundays aren't really my favorite days. In fact, probably my least favorite. But today is going alright. I actually feel like I can relax today and be totally lazy. I'm surprised I'm not in pajamas! I wish I had chocolate around the house though because that crap sounds good. Mmmmmm. Or chocolate ice cream. But not just plain chocolate ice cream, I mean chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate and stuff in it. Or really just any of the Ben & Jerry's brand. That stuff is... AHH STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! I'm torturing myself with these thoughts.

Bye guys.

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Anonymous said...

That suggestion to go back to your old job was kind of an after thought, but it's nice it worked for you. It sounds like you already knew what you had to do anyway. And since you like the people working there, it's probably the best job for you. When you go back to work, just give it the best effort, work your hours, and stick with job. At least until you can move on to something better at some future time. Even a job like that, if you stick with it, you can work up to a management position or something.

BTW you look good in black.