Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bubblegum ice cream 'n' things (Picture Blog)

I looove bubblegum ice cream. I can't explain why, I just think it's wonderful. Maybe because it's not an easy find. Maybe because it brings back memories of getting it as a kid. Whatever it is, it's awesome. Both of those are bubblegum ice cream, both from the same place. Sometimes they have pink sometimes blue. My mom sometimes takes me (either just us or with niece and nephew) to this one supermarket that also sells ice cream by the scoop. If you're like me, you agree that most ice cream places are a HUGE RIPOFF. I mean, most charge the same for one tiny scoop as it would cost to just buy a WHOLE carton of ice cream. But can you believe that ice cream cone is what they call a "one scoop"? AND IT COST $1.20! I'm not kidding you! This place is seriously the best in the whole world. YES! Though "one scoop" on a cone is definitely more than you get in a bowl so I will always go for the cone.
My nephew really enjoyed his child size chocolate ice cream too:


Peter and Ziggy are just chillin'. Peter recently went through his first molt since I've had him which is why he has all those pinfeathers on his head and his cere looks flaky. Pinfeathers never look that nice but he will always be cute!
Both him and Ziggy have been pretty um... *clears throat*... randy lately. Not with each other or anything... yet... but with toys. They both have a different toy that they have been humping like animals... because they are animals. It's funny because Ziggy never did that before until Peter was in there. I never thought that she would, being a girl and all. Oh well, it's pretty funny to see them do. I don't think they will start going after each other anytime soon. They do feed each other which looks like kissing but as soon as Peter tries getting too close to Ziggy, she'll attack him. Poor thing. He has learned to defend himself a bit though but knows to just get out of her way. Ziggy has permanant birdie PMS.

And here's me with my friend Jackson. Isaac and I got him from the Family Fun Center or something, if I remember correctly. He accompanies me in my car every day. There is no reason as to why I am making that face. None at all.

I have had many of these coins since I was in elementary school. I don't know why and I don't know what to do with them either. They just sit in a box in a drawer. There are a couple from Isaac, if you couldn't guess, but the rest have no significance. I have never been to the places and there are a few that I can't even figure out what country they are from! Bahh! I also have a bunch of "fancy" rocks in the same box. What am I supposed to do with it all??


Anonymous said...

The one with the hole in the middle is a Japanese 5 yen coin (equivalent to a nickel) Looks like old style scrip probably from the 1950s. The others are hard to see, but it looks like most of them are also from the 50s.

Miroslav the snow lover said...

You know, I have been following you on Youtube for longer than I remember. Whenever someone tells me that I feel happy and scared at the same time.

Anyways, bubblegum ice cream...There was this store in Toronto (CN Tower, horrible sports teams). I saw bubblegum ice cream with BOTH pink and blue together. THAT is good.

When I had budgies, they were the most vicious birds I have ever seen towards ANYTHING and ANYONE that was not me. I even got them this ladder thing and a few other toys...destroyed by a week or two. Their cage was clean. Would you have any idea about the viciousness? I let them fly in my room many times (door and windows completely closed obviously). They seemed to like it.

By the way way, the coin with the hole 10% chances it's chinese, 90% chances it's japanese.
If you decide to scan the coins (or take closed up photos of BOTH sides)...I might be able to help you to recognize which coin is from which country...I have a huge collection myself.

By the way, there is an entry on Wikipedia about you.

h20proofcamera said...

Save me some ice cream?