Friday, March 13, 2009

Hungry for a better job

It's hard being employed yet feeling like you... aren't.
I keep trying to look for other jobs but you all should know how that is.

Ok so this place I work for has crap schedules since it's inventory and it all depends on what stores need you at the time and how many people they need. So it's not like we all get to go on every job. Every schedule you receive in the mail is COMPLETELY different. One week you may work ONE store that might even take 2 hours to do. Some weeks you may work a bunch of long shifts. It's all over the place! I already complained about the whacked hours so I won't even go there again.

Anyways, they send a schedule to you and you call and confirm which ones you will do. I normally do all they send me but in the end, I won't get very many jobs a month and my income is just shit. Well I am scheduled to work Tuesday and Wednesday next week and that's it. I kept waiting to receive a schedule in the mail for the next couple weeks but didn't get anything. Well just now I got the next schedule... BUT IT'S NOT UNTIL APRIL 16TH!

So that means I have a WHOLE MONTH off. Sounds wonderful, right? NO. I need money. It makes me feel unemployed. Even if they call me and ask me to do a store or two in between this time, it really won't help much in the end.

Plus the longer I am with this place the more I see WHY people online always say to get out of there as soon as I can. "Accuracy is our number one priority". Oh yeah? I think they should change that to SPEED is their number one priority. I feel like all I hear them talk about is their APH! And so many people seem to be just so grumpy all the time and I don't want to be like that. Also, I don't like traveling so much. I always fear my safety. It's not fun.

I've been trying frantically to find another job. Ugh this is hard.

There is hope for Isaac though. Someone he used to work with called him up and told him there's a job opening somewhere so Isaac went to hand in his CV (résumé for us non-Brits haha). That was a couple days ago and as far as I'm aware he hasn't heard anything since but I am really hoping he will hear back from them. Jobs are just as hard to find where he lives... if not harder.

Ok I better get out of PJs and wake up so I can do something productive.

Who else is having problems with their jobs? Go ahead, complain!


h20proofcamera said...

I just made this thing so that I COULD comment! Gosh...


Hiiiiii Melody, my name's Amanda and I've been "following" you since, I guess, Isaac has? I dunno, all I know is I found you wearing a gas mask and I've been a "groupie" ever since...

moving on...

I just wanted to say that I am completely in love with you and Isaac being in love and you have my support, prayers, long distance hugs (I'm from Pittsburgh, PA), all that good stuff!

And maybe I'll start writing here, too. (I use livejournal), but here I can be more anonymous...hmmm.

Longest comment I've ever posted in the history of comments, and beleive me, I've been blogging for YEARS (no, I'm not old, just a year older than you...I made it sound like late 40's).

Melody said...

Awwww you're so nice! Thanks for the long distance hugs! E-hug!
And I am honored to get the longest blog comment you've ever done. :) Haha!

Anonymous said...

First, your current job. If thats what they want, fast crappy work. Then just do it that way. Whatever that want.

Second, finding a new job. You have to be aggressive. Fill out the application and give it directly to the store Manager. Tell them what you are looking for and what you can do for the job. Probably they will say they are not hiring. So ask when they think they might be hiring. If they say two weeks or a month. Then go back in two weeks or a month, and ask if anything is opening up yet. That way when a position does open, you'll be the first one to get it.

Some suggestions. For the most money quick, consider applying for a Hostess job at all your nearby restaurants. Hard work, but if you do it well you can make pretty good money. If you want something easier go for a Front Desk job at your local chain hotels. Way easier then the cashier job you had before. The way business is these days, you'd probably be spending most of your shift just sitting at a desk surfing the internet anyway. Those jobs are listed on your local Craigslist, so they are hiring. For every one listed there are probably ten more openings not listed.

Also have you considered going back to that Fabric Store you worked at before? You said it wasn't so bad working there. So you could always stop by there and casually ask your old boss if they have any openings.

Anyways these type of jobs are always opening up. Just be at the right place at the right time, and you'll get one soon. So don't worry about it. Just keep applying.