Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to November....

Hello world.
I never finished Vlogtober. I was doing so well and then one day I worked all day and completely forgot. The next day, I made a video that basically just said I forgot to make a video the day before but this video was so lame I didn't feel the need to post it. After that, it all left my mind. I didn't even want to bother with Vlogtober anymore. I already had a stressful month, I didn't need to add to it! Editing from that camera takes ages because the file type isn't accepted by my normal editor. So what I have to do is put all the clips together on the editor that COMES with the camera and then save that as a proper file and THEN edit AGAIN on my editor. Why? Because the editor that comes with the camera automatically fades all the clips together and I HATE that. So I just cut out all the fades later on. I know it's a lot of work but I really don't like fading between clips!

I did want to make a halloween video though. That turned out GREAT! Not.
The day before halloween, I quickly began coughing and feeling achy and weak. I left work early because of my fear of what I may have had plus I was finding it impossible to work under those conditions. I ended up packing a few items and hauling my ass to my parents house so mommy could take care of me.. haha.
Yesterday (Halloween) was so shitty. I wanted so badly to have fun but I could hardly even stand or sit up for more than a couple minutes. Of course I couldn't do anything fun! My throat was beginning to get really sore at this point as well.
And then today I also couldn't go to work. I hate this, missing more than one day of work. No matter how sick I am, I feel horrible calling in. Especially since I have no idea how long this is going to go on. At the same time, I know I shouldn't have any reason to feel bad for calling in. I AM really sick and there is no way I could work like this. No one would be happy.

Today started out horribly. Swallowing would bring tears to my eyes with all the pain and I often found myself not being able to speak which really frustrated me. Around 4 PM, I almost magically felt a lot better. Well, I am still coughing painfully and feel weak and tired but my throat is about 88% back to normal. I'm going back to the apartment tonight so that if I wake up feeling well enough, I can go to work easier. I realized I didn't do a good job packing to come here, I have nothing.


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