Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

My room is completely silent other than the sound of Peter and Ziggy shuffling around in their cage. I need music.


2009 was pretty lame for me.

Isaac and I didn't see each other the WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR. I mean in person, of course. We still saw each other a bunch on Skype. My whole year seemed to be a waste. There is so much I would like to do but rather do it with Isaac so I didn't really bother doing much at all. I have just been WAITING for 2010 to come. I hardly even saw any friends this year. It has been pretty lonely for me.
Loneliness just leaves me to think about everything and that begins to really stress me out.
I am wondering if all that has anything to do with the fact that I have a bunch of grey hairs that started growing in the beginning of the year. I didn't have any that I knew of in 2008!

2010 just looks nice and friendly and all I can look forward to is awesome stuff now. Isaac gets here in March (!!!!!!!) and we marry in May (!!) then I can finally stop spending so much time waiting for life to start and actually get to it.

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on...

I will try to be less whiny this year.
Ok, additions to my new years wish list:
  • Be less whiny in 2010.
  • Get clothes I actually like and will wear and get rid of all the stuff I don't even like.
  • Get more girlish clothes, like dresses. WEAR THEM. Stop settling for tshirts and jeans just because it's all I can find.
  • Stop buying fabric until I use at least 1/2 of what I already have.


Faith said...

I know the feeling, sort of. I had to apply for disability because of my heart and lung disease and that took a solid year. I felt like that year was completely lost. It's very odd. I felt a year younger than I was for a while. I know now that it was worth it. You can try to find the good in the distance. Many relationships are sexually active, and I guess that's normal now, but it poses as a distraction from getting to know the person in a more personal intimate way, rather than a sexual intimate way. You probably got to know Isaac very well over the last year. I'm sure it's not a loss at all, but perhaps a blessing in disguise which will last for so many years to come.

Melody said...

You are so right about that, Faith. That is part of the reason I feel we know each other more than many couples I know. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody im a subscriber from youtube, not only that im also from the rogue valley :D I have a blog myself and thought perhaps you might like to take a look at it. Its about my fishing trips and has plenty of pictures of the area.

Thanks for taking a look if you do :)