Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding pictures + an update

I've kind of abandoned my blog. VEDA, Isaac, wedding, etc. has kept me very busy and I hadn't even thought about blogging! We even said we were going to do VEWM (Vlog Every Week May), I completely gave up on that idea just a few days into May. I had too much on my plate.

Well, enough excuses. Here are some pictures from our wedding day! You can click them to make them larger.
Photography by Laura Nelson


~ dswv ~ said...

Congrats and best wishes to both of you!

Faith said...

That's so wonderful. I was thinking of you that day :)

progvamp said...

Congratulations, honey! You deserve all the hapiness in the world, cause you're a wonderful girl! My best wishes to both from troubled, but beautiful Greece! ;)

km said...

I cannot believe you are married i have been watching your videos for years. you looked beautiful on your day, congratulations to the both of you, sending you wishes for a life time of happiness.

RustNeverSleeps said...