Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb, You Airy?

The house we live in is behind another, only slightly bigger, house. There was a family living in front of us that consisted of about 4 adults and 4 kids, I was never quite sure exactly how many. They had 5 cars (not sure why, there were only 4 people old enough to drive) and only one or two would be gone at a time. There are plenty of places for them to park these cars - the road in front of them, a car port, AND a garage - but they still liked to park IN THE DRIVEWAY which is only wide enough for one car. It was very clear in the rental agreement that parking there was a no-no. They were even reminded a few times and still insisted on doing it making it a hassle any time we had to go somewhere because we had to get them to move (which they always seemed annoyed by). So not only was the whole parking situation annoying, but they had so much junk we had to look at. They let trash sit out in front of their house and never even bother to pick it up. They even liked having parties with a LIVE band playing mexican music until 2 AM. This means we could hear that bloody tuba fartin' through our walls while we tried to sleep before work. It's quite clear I couldn't stand these neighbors, and I haven't even gone into our shared recycling bin and how they always filled it with everything BUT recyclables.
Well good news, they moved out! Even the way they moved out was annoying, though. They took everything they wanted and left bags of junk behind for the landlords to clean up. They are out there right now doing just that. I guess they don't care to get their cleaning deposit back.
Anyways, this little rant was brought to you by PMS and built up frustration with our now ex-neighbors. Let's hope the next ones are better!

In Mad Men news (can you tell I don't have much going on?), we just finished season two. This season started out kind of slow feeling and I thought they lost their charm but they picked it back up and proved me wrong. It's a shame I only have one more season to look forward to. If you haven't seen Mad Men yet, I suggest watching it.

Isaac is now at training for a new job. The job he had before was just a seasonal thing at the call center of Harry & David. Expensive fruit and shit. We don't quite get the appeal. Anyway, since it was seasonal he was only there until mid January but luckily he was able to pick something else up quickly. Training is a month long (!) and pay is pretty good but I don't want to see him get stuck in this place too long because it's just not right for him. I know he can (and will) do well with it in the meantime but I rather see him doing something he loves. He is still trying to get a job at this other place more suited for him and it seems like it may happen, since he's talked to plenty of people there, but let's just wait and cross our fingers! At least he got into this other job training to keep us stable in the meantime.

I better go take Penny on a walk, she's giving me the whites of her eyes right now.

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