Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Common cold...

I am sick. Being sick sucks. It's just a cold and it just started so I don't know how long it will last or how bad it might get but it ALREADY SUCKS. I was ok enough to go to the store today to get some vitamins and a couple other personal items so yay. I am trying my hardest to get over this quickly, eating a little better and drinking a BUNCH of water. I don't want to miss any days of classes.
I can't stand how some people say love sucks. WTF are they talking about? If it sucks, how can it be love? Sure, I've believed (or rather I forced myself to believe since I didn't think I could do any better) I was in love before and that did kind of suck but that WASN'T TRUE LOVE. Sure, long distance relationships are hard but if you're truly in love and both of you know it is going somewhere you'll try your best to make it work. So even in this situation I don't see how love can suck.
Ah don't know if I make sense anymore. I'm too sleepy. Bye.

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