Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oy boy.

I feel horrible.
I missed classes yesterday. Good thing I don't have classes Thursdays because I would not be able to go to those either. I'm just so sick. It's really hard to keep my eyes open all the time. Also, my throat hurts and is all dried out from breathing from it. The only times I can actually breath from my nose it HURTS it! Why must I be in so much pain? I just want to sleep, damn it! I woke up a bazillion times last night. Also, all of the water I am drinking is making me get up a million times to pee it out! I just can't chillax and sleep.
Ho hum.
At least I am getting this now and hopefully won't be sick on the day of February 23rd and the days after that. I am hoping for sick-free stress-free days during that time of wonderfulness.
After all that stuff I am going to have to FINALLY get another job to get money. I think I owe some to my parents at this point.
I MIGHT even consider doing something extra like a paper route to get even MORE money.
I want a MacBook.
BUT that's not all. A I want to MOVE OUT. I want to move to this one city... which I will not mention... that is in another part of Oregon. A cool looking place that really interests me. If not IN that specific city I need to at least be around it. Well, I don't need the MacBook so I can hold on that if I need to... I just want to move. I am not sure my exact plan because I have plenty of time but I already have been getting a general idea of the range of rent and stuff over there. If I can find someone to share an apartment with it would help a lot but if I need to and have the money for it I can just go alone. I wouldn't mind being alone in a studio or something.
I already have this budget planned to help me save money. It was kind of my new years resolution type thing since I started the beginning of this year. It's the only resolution I've ever been able to keep. It's quite simple actually, I just wrote down a limit on different types of things and try to stay under that. If I hit the limit, I won't get anything else under that topic er whatever.
Ok I'm rambling.
I hate being sick.

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